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Bath Taps, Bathroom Spouts & Fixtures


All the bath tapware you need for your bathroom is here, from water spouts to bathroom tap sets and bath mixers.

  • Durable Functionality: Bathroom spouts and fixtures are made of solid brass, with internal components designed for efficiency.
  • Modern Design: Bath taps and mixers range from sleek and minimalist to elegant and contemporary.
  • Reliable: Our bathroom tapware and fixtures are fully compliant with Australian standards, WaterMark certified and WELS rated. 



Modern Black Bath Spouts & Black Bathware Accessories

Improve your modern bathroom with matte black tapware. A black bath spout exudes depth and adds to the mood in your bathroom, as it contrasts against a light-coloured backdrop. Among Renovator Store’s matte black items are freestanding bath spouts, wall-mounted shower mixers, single lever basin mixer and spouts, and waterfall spouts.

Floor-Mounted Bath Spout, Hob-Mounted Spout, or Wall-Mounted Spout

A freestanding bath with little room on the bordering edge can work with a wall-mounted spout. But if there is ample space on your bathtub rim then you could go for a hob-mounted spout. Otherwise, if the floor presents enough space then go for a floor-mounted spout if it will not be an obstacle. Overall, be guided by which area has the most space and by the style and positioning of the bath in your bathroom.

Wall Mixers to Match Your Bathroom Spouts

Bath wall mixers come in diverse designs to match any bath tap or can be bought as a mixer-with-spout piece. Some come with a diverter, that allows a smooth transition from your shower to your spout. Choose a round, square, or softly curved mixer, and decide whether you want a luxurious chrome or matte black finish. All these choices work excellently and give perfect water pressure and temperature control.

Quality Bath Taps on Sale Online Are Shipped Free Australia-Wide

All bathroom tapware sold on Renovator Store are of superior quality and comply with Australia’s WaterMark and WELS standards. Plus, if you sign up to be a member then you’ll enjoy free delivery on most items within Australia. That means you can save at least $9.50 instead of having to pay at guest shipping rates. Furthermore, members get a 30-day money back guarantee vs. 14 days for guest purchasers.

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