Bathroom Shelves

Stylish bathroom shelves help to arrange your bathroom items and keep them handy. Look for durable, functional designer shelves for your basin area, bath, and shower.

  • Bathroom shelves are made of refined tempered glass and stainless steel with polished or matte black finish,

  • Shelf designs harmonise with your bathroom, with round or square edges, in brushed satin, matte black, or polished finish.

  • Shelf sizes are mostly 500 mm with a few 510 mm and 530 mm.

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Bathroom Shelves, Shower Accessories - Bathroom & Shower

Renovator Store has shelves for your bathroom made of glass and stainless steel.  Glass shower shelves are made of strong tempered glass, with stainless steel for frames, arms, and mounts.  Glass bring a refined look to your bathroom, while stainless steel provides sturdiness and durability.  This combination of materials makes these bathroom shelves a smart and practical choice.

Shower Shelves, Bathroom Storage, Shelf - Bathroom Ideas

Vale bathroom shelves from the Fluid series feature a geometrically fluent design, beautifully combining curved ends and straight edges, and are made of stainless steel with no glass components.  The Vale Symphony shelf has a timeless design and is made of glass with stainless steel arms. Aguzzo has Montangna bathroom shelves with a bold geometric design and precision corners and edges, available in matte black, chrome, and brushed satin finish.  The Aguzzo Quadro bathroom shelf is stylish with a neat minimalist look. Aqua Vera boasts the Pearl series, which combines a modern approach to a classic style.

Shelves, Bath Tray, Glass Shower Shelves - Bathrooms

Bath and shower shelves on Renovator Store have a width of 500mm, 510mm, and 530mm.  Choose the size that fits your area, and choose the shelf style that matches your bathroom design.  Aside from shelves from Vale, Aguzzo, and Aqua Vera, we also have corner baskets and other bathroom storage and organisers to help keep your bathroom all tidied up.

Bath Shelf, Bathroom Tray, Bathroom Accessories - Shower & Bath

Bathroom shelves are great for your bath, shower, or bathroom basin area.  A shelf can be used to organise your bath essentials, shower needs, and other bathroom supplies while keeping them handy.  Buy any shelf on Renovator Store and we’ll ship them out in as fast as within one business day. Remember to sign in as a member when you purchase so you can avail of free shipping on most items.

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