Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet roll holders and toilet paper dispensers are bathroom essentials that come in matte black, brushed satin, and polished finish. Keep your paper roll tidy with a high-grade stainless steel toilet roll holder. These wall-mounted bathroom accessories come from your trusted brands—Vale, Aqua Vera, Aguzzo, and Della Francesca. 

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Toilet Roll Holder, Bathroom Accessories, Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Renovator Store has a selection of toilet roll holders, including stainless steel toilet paper dispensers in mirror finish.  Vale offers a toilet roll holder with a cover plate to keep the roll soft, tidy, and dry. Stainless steel toilet paper roll holders are very durable and less likely to bend or distort than brass, plus are rust resistant.  If you prefer a more minimalist touch, the Vale Fluid series has geometric styles in polished chrome or matte black finish.

Bathroom Ideas - Toilet Paper Holder, Matte Black Toilet Roll Holder

The Aguzzo brand features toilet roll holders for any modern bathroom.  The Montangna series is solidly constructed yet simple and bold, with precision edges and corners.  These toilet paper holders are available in matte black and chrome finish. The Aguzzo Quadro toilet roll dispenser has a contemporary square style, with a convenient cover plate to keep the toilet roll tidy.  Any brand or series of toilet roll holder you choose, you get free shipping for most items on Renovator Store and enjoy our money back guarantee.

Toilet Roll Storage, Toilet Roll Dispenser, Accessories - Modern Bathroom

The toilet paper holders on Renovator Store are of high quality, and if you’re after a timeless design check out the Pearl range from Aqua Vera.  There is a refined look to the Pearl toilet roll holder, a balance of its round design and solid build.  Made from high-grade stainless steel, it comes in mirror polished finish and in matte black. This toilet roll bathroom accessory is sturdy and will firmly affix to your bathroom wall for a long time.

Black Toilet Roll Holder, Toilet Paper Storage - Bathroom Renovations

Della Francesca toilet paper holders have a clean, modern look that’s suitable for any bathroom.  You can select one that has a flip cover or the economical toilet paper holder without the cover.  There is also the angled toilet roll holder, which comes in round and square styles so you can pick the one that suits you better. 

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