Shower Heads and Shower Arms

Showers are a daily refreshing experience with the best shower heads and shower arms.

  • We have round, square, and rectangular rain shower heads in luxurious chrome and chic matte black finishes.
  • Our shower arms add more depth to your bathroom interiors, whether wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted.
  • All rain shower arms and heads are with WELS ratings and fully compliant with Watermark standards.


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Round Rain Shower or Square Shower Head for Your Bathroom Shower

Square rain shower heads, circular rain showers, and rectangular shower heads come in matte black and polished chrome. Durable shower heads are constructed of stainless steel or brass and are made for functionality and elegance. Rain shower heads are WELS certified and fully compliant with WaterMark standards. Choose shower fittings to blend with your modern bathroom!

Rainfall Shower Heads, Wall Mounted Shower Arms and Ceiling Shower Arms

Rain shower heads are designed for invigorating showers. Indulge in a generous rainfall of warm water right in the comfort of your bathroom with these contemporary shower fixtures. Matching shower arms are available in more than a dozen variations, including gooseneck shower arms, wall or ceiling mounted shower arms, and square shower arms. Save on your shower arms and heads now!

Dual Shower Head, Hand Shower Hose, Hand Shower Mounting Kit

Double shower heads improve the flow of water so you get better showers with the larger shower area they provide. Dual shower heads allow you to experience multiple focus showering, plus you easily reach more areas of your body. If you have just a fixed shower head in your bathroom, just install a hand shower using a 1-piece or 2-piece mounting kit and a 1.5-m hand shower hose. Buy your bathroom shower fixtures online today!

Bathroom Fittings and Bathroom Fixtures Delivered Free to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and more

Rain shower heads, shower arms, and other bathroom fittings and fixtures are in stock in Australia and can be delivered to your home free of charge if you’re a member at Renovator Store. Check out new deals and items on sale and earn more Reno dollars with additional items on your shopping cart. Plus, you get all these items at the best price!

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