Shower Sets

Enjoy your showers using a rain head combined with a hand shower set, or an adjustable shower pole that is detachable as a hand shower. These are perfect for the family because it is not fixed and can be easily used by both kids and adults. Also available are two-piece shower mixers and three-piece shower sets. All shower pole sets are made of high-grade brass with polished chrome finish, and compliant with Australia’s Watermark standard and WELS requirements.

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Rain and Sliding Rail Hand Shower Sets

Rain and sliding rail hand shower sets in your bathroom will let you enjoy your showers with big shower heads. The hand shower option gives direct water contact and better reach. The shower sets are durable, being made from either stainless steel or solid brass, and available in polished chrome and matte black finishes. These bathroom products are smartly designed to be compact and minimalist, with modern styles that blend into contemporary bathroom interiors.

One-Piece Rail Shower Sets, Water Saving Shower Heads

Rail shower sets use a handheld shower head on a sliding pole so you can adjust the height of the shower head. Choose a single shower head or a twin shower head, or go for a sliding rail set with soap dish. Water efficient showers feature the Air-Turbo aeration technology that uses 30% less water without losing water spray force, adding up to annual savings of thousands of litres of water. All shower sets comply with Australia’s Watermark and WELS standards and requirements.

Bathroom Shower Sets and Bath Handheld Showers

Choose 3-piece shower sets if you want easier control over water flow and temperature during showers. Hot and cold water knobs let you set the temperature to your desired mix. You may also opt for a wall mounted two-piece shower tap set to match your prefered shower head. Multi-function hand showers is a choice for big households, as they are designed for both kids and adults and provide options for spray, bubble, jet, and other water flow choices. Hand-held showers come in simple but modern styles, with elegant chrome plating.

Bathroom Products and Shower Fixtures Delivered Free in Australia

Rail shower sets, rain + rail shower sets, hand showers, and 3-piece shower sets can be delivered to your doorstep for free if you order as a Renovator Store member. Enjoy this benefit as soon as you sign up, and you also get our 30-day money back guarantee. You can also earn Reno dollars with every purchase so that you save more when you buy more. Use your Reno rewards for buying kitchen products, LED lights, storage solutions, or other items.

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