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10 Reasons why you should convert to LED today!


If you haven’t caught on already, LED lighting is sweeping the globe. From cars to traffic lights, street lamps and homes, LED lighting is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It will save you money and protect your children's environment into the future.

It is difficult to lay down a lump sum of money and be told that you will make it back within 18 months…but it is true! LED lighting cuts down your electricity bills by up to 80% making it almost impossible to not consider the prospect of converting to LED today! Why else should you switch to LED….


  1. Cut down your electricity bill by up to 80%

  2. Energy efficient and safer for the environment. Did you know that an incandescent light bulb loses 80% of energy requirements to heat. An LED light losses no more than 20%LED_lighting_DIY_renovation

  3. Extreme lifetime. LED lights can last well over 20 years with 50,000 hours of operation. That’s 2400% longer than your average halogen globe.

  4. Able to operate at a brighter light with a lower voltage. LED brightness is measured in lumens. An LED light operates at around 700-800 lumens depending on the colour which is equivalent to a 60 watt halogen globe

  5. Available in a number of different colours to help set the mood of your room. Cool white, warm white and natural white are the most common.LED_light_colour_choice_renovation

  6. Able to be dimmed without turning yellow

  7. Operate in silence – there will be no irritable humming noise

  8. Incredibly safe as they do not heat up. This means no burnt fingers or burnt down houses. This also cuts down the space you need in your ceiling around the light fitting for insulation

  9. Lights up faster – LED lights are able to light up to their full brightness within microseconds

  10. Environmentally friendly. LED lights are free of toxic chemicals such as mercury that is found in most conventional fluorescent lighs. The increased lifespan also means that you are inhibiting the production and waste of 25 incandescent light bulbs.




Jump online and purchase your LED lights today to join the environmentally friendly and money saving journey to the future of lighting.