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20 Easy Ways to Reduce Water Heater Costs

A water heater is something that most people nowadays can't live without. On average, a quarter of the average persons electricity bill is associated with the use of their water heater. You obviously just can't cut it out of your life, so how are you supposed to its costs?! Surprisingly, it isn't as hard as you think. Here are our 20 top ways to cut costs and save money.

Plumber repairing an hot-water heater


1. Lets start simple. Try and use a little hot water as possible.

2. Install a dual-handle tap instead of a wall mixer in your shower. This will allow you to have greater control over the temperature.

3. Pick an energy-efficient water heater. You can determine this by the energy-efficiency star rating labels present upon all water heaters in Australia

4. Lower the temperature of the water heater from 60°C to around 49°. It should help you save around 10% of your energy costs.

5. Fix any leaking tap ware or shower heads. The less water you use, the less water you heat, the more you save.


6. Properly maintain the water heater. This involves draining 1/4 of the tank to remove sediment and debris, test the temperature-pressure relief valve, examine the sacrificial anode rod etc.

7. Make sure the tank and all pipes are well insulated. Insulation slows down the rate of heat loss, and hence less energy is required to heat up the water. You can do this with old blankets.

8. Sit the water heater on an insulated surface to minimise heat loss.

9. Install a tempering tank. This tank is installed in between the water source and the heater. This tank brings water to room temperature prior to before it goes to the heater, helping you save energy

10. Take a shower instead of a bath. On average taking a bath requires 45-57 litres of hot water, whilst a shower only uses 19-38 litres.


11. If you have a second water heater, turn it off.

12. Ensure the size of the water heater is complementary to the size of the house. Look here to find out.

13. Opt for a low-flow shower head to reduce quantity of water used

14. Install timers on your water heaters. For example, turn it off during the night and during work hours if no one is at home

15. When going on holiday simply turn the heater entirely off.

shower with private garden

16. Wash clothes in cold water

17. Keep the recirculation system off. This system ensures your house always has a constant flow of hot water, which is very inefficient.

18. Steer clear of tankless water heaters as they wont save you money.

19. Make sure your tank doesn't have any leakages.

20. Consider reducing the water pressure with a pressure reducing valve if the water pressure is too high. This will not only save the heater from damage, but will also reduce the quantity of water you use.


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