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2014 Feng Shui

For all us who believe in the zodiacs, luck and positive Qi, Chinese new year brings to mind the traditions and beliefs that some of us consider for the betterment of our homes. January 31, 2014 marks the year of the Wooden Horse. Feng shui cures should be in place by February 4, 2014. Here's a few 2014 feng shui points to remember.

feng shui

Home and Garden

Clutter and foul odour blocks good energy from flowing so make sure to keep your rooms and gardens sparkly clean.

Clear out unused goods and throw away stuff you've never touched for at least a month. Holding on to unused items shows your lingering on the past. Not to mention you'd definitely have better use for the space.

Flaking paint denotes a tired soul and damages like spouting window seals and roof tiles represents a gradually declining health. Get those paintbrushes wet and invite a healthy vibe for your family.

Leaky taps are a definite no no,  as this suggests gradual loss of income. Have them replaced with new sturdier ones. Better yet change to stainless steel taps which last longer.


Healthy plants, fresh flowers and good music attract a positive energy and lifts your spirits. A beautiful garden will entice opportunities to come into your life. Keep it free from clutter as this signifies worry and prevents you from being focused.


Front Door to Home

The most important factor that determines how your household's prosperity will play, is the energy coming through the door. The location of the door in relation to the parts of the home, determines the occupant's priorities.

Having your front door located in the North sector shows that you greatly value your career. Make sure there is nothing in direct alignment with the door such as a tree or telegraph pole. Using a Bagua mirror over the door to reflect the Sha Qi (a negative energy that can often be avoided by choosing the proper building site, home, floor plan and interior design.) is an often good alternative.

Make sure the path to the front door is wide, spacious & well lit. Place a beautiful picture on the wall opposite your main door to encourage energy into the home so opportunities will come into your life.

Always have your main door opening inwards, into a wide space, to invite the Qi that leads to opportunities. Do not let your main entrance be facing a dark room, an interior staircase, mirror, stove, sink, fireplace, or the door of a toilet, laundry, bathroom or bedroom. If you cant help it, a quick remedy is to keep the doors closed or place a screen between the doors.


Having a positive energy in your bedroom is important. Your bed position plays a huge role that'll set the energies that form in that room and its occupants.

The bed head should be against a solid wall for a sense of support & security when sleeping. You should be able to see the whole room while lying in bed. Do not position the foot of your bed in direct alignment with the door as this is the coffin position.

If the bedroom or bathroom door can be seen from the front door, it can turn the energy to Yin (negative nature of things). This may make the occupants lack motivation and feel fatigued and lazy.

Do not place your bed under an exposed beam. Mirrors are harmful to relationships especially if they are directly opposite the bed. Remove them or cover them over while sleeping. Avoid clutter as Qi should flow easily through the room. It is particularly important that you do not store anything under the bed.

Catching the rising sun, East bedrooms makes occupants get up & make something of their lives. If your relationship as a couple needs increased intimacy, red candles in the South west (relationship) sector of a room will encourage intimacy amongst a couple.

Poison arrows

poison arrows

Poison arrows are odd angles in a room that causes vertical edges of the wall to be pointing at you. Exposed beams over your sofa or the edge of a desk or table in a direct line with you or even the edge of a door that faces you are some examples. Hidden Poison Arrows invite Sha Qi that can make you uncomfortable, unproductive, irritable and tired.

Change the placement of a piece of furniture so that a corner doesn't face you. If it is your door, make sure it is closed, open wider or less so the edge is not seen. Placing a plant to soften the sharp edge of the wall will help for room angles. Ceiling beams are more difficult. Though some are decorative and can be removed, some poison arrows are structural and can't be easily altered.

Feng shui, as identified in the dictionary, is philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment. Though this belief and system has prevailed with most Chinese, as well as a huge population of non Chinese practitioners, It doesn't ensure your fate.

These points and advice are merely systemised assumptions that may or may not depict your future. There's no harm in adapting but then again our fate does still lay on our own actions.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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