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4 DIY home improvements done in a weekend

There are some simple renovation projects you can attack this weekend - and you won't need to call an architect or interior designer to get going.  These can actually be enjoyable as they allow you personalise your home and build your DIY knowledge and experience. DIY projects don't have to take weeks or months; you can complete some simple home improvement projects in just a weekend. And, a small project can make a big difference in the look of your home.


DIYA fresh coat of paint easily breathes life to an old space. Changing the paint colours can instantly change the room's mood and theme.  While it may seem difficult, painting rooms yourself can help you feel in control and in tune with your home.  Even beginners can feel like professional painters by the end of a simple project as long as they follow a few simple steps.


Prepare the room to be painted by removing as much furniture as possible. Prep walls by filling holes and sanding them. Clean all corners of the room and remove dirt from the baseboards and trim. This will prevent any debris from showing in the paint while making the lines more crisp.Remove all hardware such as light switch plates or outlet plates. Finally tape off edges and lay down drop cloths. This protects floors as well as ceilings or edges of walls that you are not going to paint.

Paint Selection

paint_your_roomIt is important that you select the correct amount of paint so that you don’t run out or get stuck with much more than needed. On average, one 4 litre can of paint can cover about 40 square metres - but its best to calculate the area and read the can for coverage and coating advice. There are two major types of interior paint to choose from. Oil based or water based. Oil based paints normally have a longer drying time and more irritating odours than water based paints, and need to be cleansed in mineral turpentine rather than water. Oil paints can be more durable and hard wearing for timber architraves and window frames.  There are different types of finishes to select from ranging from gloss types, flat or matte finishes. While the gloss finishes are easier to clean, they will show imperfections in the wall and brush marks more prominently.

Begin Painting

Start by using a paintbrush to cut the paint in around the edges of the walls. Depending on the colour of the paint and the type of finish, you may have to do several coats around these edges.  Next, using a roller, paint the inside of the walls. Take special care around edges and corners to keep paint in the necessary lines. While covering the roller, make sure you roll excess paint off in the tray before going to the wall. As the paint dries, you may see brush strokes or roller lines. This is normal, but you have to paint an additional coat if these lines do not fade once the paint is completely dry.

While painting even the smallest room can feel like a huge task, the process is made much simpler with preparation and patience. And with these, you have a greater chance of being successful and being happier with the final product. Remember to have fun with the project after all it'll be done in just a weekend and it's you who did it.


For those lucky enough to have a spacious walk-in closet, an organising system is easy But what about the rest of us, who live with reach-in (or squeeze-in) closets?

"Thinning" and "Restructuring" are the two most tested ways to create organised and tidy wardrobe space for practically any closet-challenged house.

Before you buy any wardrobe organisers, force yourself to weed out what you don't wear.
"About 70% to 80% of what's in most closets never gets taken off the hanger," says professional organiser MJ Rosenthal.
When you've finally weeded out your load and discarded the ones you wont wear, then you can set up the system yourself.

pulloutpantrackNo one-stop super gadget can do the trick, you have to literally see what you need to store and how to maximize the space. For starters, instead of wasting the lower part of your hanging space, sort your clothes and hang your trousers at the bottom with a trouser rack which easily stores your trousers in that unused space. Folding or rolling up ties is both space and time consuming not to mention is not good for the tie itself.TIE_RACK Go get one of those tie racks and install them at the back of your closet door. There are all kinds of ways to use that space: a rack on the back of the door. You can also hang items you use a lot, like your bathrobe, pyjamas or a favourite sweater.  Try adhesive plastic wall hooks, which can be bought at any hardware store and attached without even getting out the toolbox.

Shelf dividers attached to existing shelves are easy to install. They don't actually create more space but they'll add to the order in your closet, which creates a feeling of spaciousness. The dividers allow you to store scarves, sweaters, hats, and extra purses in separate sections on your shelves, so they don't topple over on each other and create a mess.


spa_bathImpossible? think again Day Spas and Wellness Centres are all about comfort and ambience so?!?!?! make your bathroom just as comfortable! You will find yourself spending more relaxation time in there - and that is great!

If your bath towels have seen better days, or if you can see through your bath towels, spend a few bucks on fluffy new ones; you can get them cheap at discount home decor stores. Take it a step further by hanging them on towel warmers to ensure they are fluffy and warm on winter mornings.  They also dry them to keep mould and musty smells away that can be prevalent with constantly damp towels.  Hard wire the towel warmer in to keep the room neat and tidy - but make sure you use an electrician.  They can also install it with a timer switch to make sure towels are heated when you need them.  In fact, good towel rails will take a chill off the entire bathroom.

Give it a scent.  Most spas are distinguished by a scent and your at-home spa shouldn't be any different! Use scented candles or an inexpensive scent diffuser to fill the room with calming smells like lavender or chamomile, or invigorating, citrus-y scents.

Switch out your old shower head for a massaging one to melt away stress or a rain shower head to experience the bliss of gentle falling drops. Choose pulsing, rotating, strong, or soft streams of water. It’s instant home water therapy. Or upgrade by adding multiple shower heads for maximum body coverage and relaxation. You can tap into spa-status relaxation with simple budget-friendly fixes or more luxury splurges.multiple_shower_heads Plus, replacing outdated shower heads can lower water bills.
Upgraded Sinks and Fixtures can upgrade a bathroom with spa-style.  Ensure there are plenty of towel rails and robe hooks - the whole ambience can be destroyed  when towels have to be piled on top of each other and there is no where to hang your robe.  Pick taps that exude style and match the other fittings in the bathroom.

Update your lighting, low lighting is relaxing. But you need to see to get ready.  Try multiple lighting sources.  Experiment with bulb wattage, Try a dimmer or some DIY pendant lights to set the mood.  Choose your own music. Or a kick back in the tub to watch your favorite TV show for the ultimate in pampering.  Thin, state-of-the-art TVs and waterproof speakers make it possible. Go deluxe with a full system and use wall plates to conceal your home theatre cables in the wall and present them neatly. Singing along can also be a big stress-reliever!


Kitchens seem to always need to be cleaned and upgraded, but upgrading need not be tedious. Simply use pull out storage systems on lower cabinets and cupboards.hidden_storage This way you can easily access your items and use the entire volume of the cupboard efficiently.  Pull-out  storage units that are DIY friendly to convert your old shelved cupboards, and handy wall racks are available to make the job professional.  Pull out storage units have revolutionized kitchens and made items so much easier to get when needed.

Make your mark:  chalkboard paint inexpensively turns a ho-hum kitchen into a hip family-friendly hangout. Simply paint a wall or section of smooth cabinet doors, then tell your family they can write on the walls.

While it might not be the main attraction in your kitchen cabinet knobs, drawer handles, and towel racks can add a rich, polished look to any room.kitchen_tap_upgrade  Replacing those 70s stylised handles your grandma loves with new drawer handles are that are sleek and solid can surprisingly have the biggest positive visual effect on a kitchen makeover.  For hardware that won’t go out of style, look for something with a brushed stainless steel finish. Sink taps have come a long way in recent years.  Current models offer detachable sprayers, knob-free operation and more. Taps also come in a wide variety of finishes and styles, from formal Victorian to ultra modern, making it easy to coordinate the tap with your kitchens decor.  These days you buy the tap you want and ask your friendly plumber to install it in minutes.

So go ahead, get excited.  Check out some online stores like as they will save you time and money - order the stuff you need to be delivered straight to your door - and use that saved time to get on with the project.  Target that new look you want, and finish it in a weekend.  After all It's your project and this time, you'll finish it.

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