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4 Focus Areas for Shower Renovation

For first time bathroom shower renovators, choosing the right shower tapware can be a daunting task especially if they are striving for perfection. If you are one of these bathroom shower renovation newbies, here are 4 focus areas that should make the decision making process a lot easier for you.

Bathroom Shower


You should be in control of your budget and you should not let it control you. This is why right from the start, you should determine your budget and flexible in can be. Consider that a bathroom shower renovation project may involve some setbacks that could cause delay in your timeframe and may even require you to go beyond your set budget. Settle on the budget you are comfortable with and allow for some room for some flexibility. You don’t want an unfinished bathroom just because you didn’t plan your budget accordingly.


WaterMark WELS 5-Year WarrantyWhile there is cheap tapware readily available its components, forging, and metal surface can all let you down.  Also, many cheaper taps are not fully certified under Australia's Watermark standards or Wels rated for water usage.  Quality of materials should always be your primary concern.

The most important component of a basin mixer, wall mixer or tap is its mixer cartridge.  This is not visible to the consumer as it is inside the tap.  However, that is where the mixing technology and reliability stems from. Poor quality mixer cartridges can develop leaks that cannot be fixed without a plumber replacing the cartridge.  Also, they may not deal with the high pressure water environment often found in Australia, or provide a simple and linear rate of change in water temperature and flow.  So ask if your cartage is Watermark approved, is a ceramic cartridge (the best), and how reliable it is.

The best way to determine which tapware products meet Australian standards is to look for the Australian WaterMark and WELS certification logos. WaterMark tells you which products are certified by the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) to be authorised for use in plumbing or drainage installation. WELS tells you the the products’ water efficiency.

Another great way to determine a product's quality is its warranty. Ideally, you would want a 4 to 5 year warranty on a product and 3 years on spare parts.


Remember that bathroom shower tapware products are fixtures. This means once you install them, it would take a lot of effort to uninstall and replace them. These products will remain on your walls and ceilings for a long time, so make sure they fit your bathroom’s overall design as well as your style. Mixing and matching taps could be fun and it could display your creativity, but make sure you will be happy with your style choice as these products will be in your bathroom for a very long time.

Matching Other Bathroom Fixtures

While you may choose the best looking tapware for your shower, you should also consider products that would go well with the rest of your bathroom, specifically other tapware, towel rails, shelving, robe hooks, etc.  If you really want to give your bathroom the impact of a consistent, elegant, and sophisticated design, consider matching your shower tapware, basin tapware, and bath tapware, and other bathroom accessories.  Are you opting for a bathroom that displays a refined and precise cubist style with square format rails and taps, or a more harmonious soft edged decor with round rails and cylindrical taps and handles?

Focus on these 4 areas and everything else will go smoothly. You can have a newly renovated bathroom shower and you can take pride that the whole project was lead by a first timer.

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