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5 Elements That Make for a Great Outdoor Entertaining Space

If there’s one renovation project on your home improvement list, it should definitely be to create a beautiful and functional outdoor entertaining space. Stylish outdoor spaces are becoming one of the most popular spaces for home buyers, since they add a plethora of lifestyle benefits to your home.

With a fully-loaded outdoor entertaining space you’ll not only add significant value to your home, but you’ll have a brand new room to chill out in or entertain friends and family, all with the peace and tranquillity of being outdoors! We’ve listed our top five elements that will make the ultimate outdoor entertaining space to inspire renovators and dreamers alike!

An entertainer’s kitchen

modern patio with kitchen Image via Houzz

A kitchen is the ultimate outdoor living luxury. When designing your outdoor space, think about installing a kitchen and small workspace so you’re never away from your guests when entertaining and so drinks and snacks are never far away when you’re relaxing on a warm afternoon.

Entertainer’s kitchens are generally smaller than your regular kitchen, have a BBQ rather than an oven and stove top, and use hidden bar fridges for your drinks and food. Many renovators also choose to install a tap and sink for easy washing up.

You’ll want to ensure all your kitchen products are outdoor-safe and won’t rust or deteriorate in outdoor conditions. Renovator Store’s range of Swedia Tapware is the perfect option for your outdoor kitchen.

All the right tech: Surround Sound + TV

Traditional Porch Image via Houzz

Make your outdoor area the ultimate living and entertaining space with all the latest outdoor tech. TVs are becoming ever more popular in new renovations as a key outdoor feature.

Imagine hosting a killer Grand Final Day BBQ, without having to usher your friends inside when the game starts, or relaxing with a glass of wine, a few candles and your loved one for a romantic moonlight movie night right from your own home! An outdoor TV is the ultimate in luxury.

Get comfy with great furniture

Outdoor furntiture Image via Houzz

One of the most important decisions once your outdoor area is designed and built is picking the right outdoor furniture. You’ll want to choose furniture that’s durable against harsh outdoor conditions, but still cosy and stylish. Wicker is one of the trends of the moment, with big plush outdoor cushions making for a beautiful lounge setting.

If you want something more modern, go for a charcoal wrought iron dining setting, matched with black wicker lounges and crisp white cushions.

When designing the space, make sure there’s plenty of room for furniture and seating if you want to be hosting large dinner parties and events!

Light up and set the mood

Patio Lighting Image via Houzz

There’s a fine balance you need to strike when considering the lighting for your outdoor entertaining space. If you don’t have enough lighting, it can become uncomfortable for your guests when the sun sets, but with too much, you could ruin the serenity and calm of being outside in the evening.

Choose lights that highlight the features of your space rather than traditional indoor down lights, and go for warmer yellow tones in your lighting to keep the space cosy and intimate at night.

Protect your guests with Outdoor Blinds

AOL Shade Blinds Australian Outdoor Living Shade Blinds

Protect your guests from harsh sunlight (and from bugs flying into their food!) by installing outdoor blinds for your entertaining space (Don’t worry at Australian Outdoor Living we have all your outdoor blind needs covered!)

Outdoor blinds are the perfect and stylish way to add that extra layer of protection from the sun, wind or rain when entertaining outside, without ruining the unique feel of dining in the outdoors.

The best thing about outdoor blinds is that they are completely non-obtrusive, and will roll up with ease when you’re not using them. Plus they are thoroughly transparent, so you’ll be able to admire your garden and views when they’re pulled down.

Now you’ve got the key elements down, it’s time to start dreaming (or actually creating) your ultimate outdoor entertaining space. With the right design you’ll be hosting killer BBQs and gorgeous dinner parties, as well as adding an extra chill out space to your home.

This article was provided by Australian Outdoor Living, Australia’s number one outdoor living company, providing effortless and luxurious outdoor design products such as verandahs, outdoor blinds and decking. Check out their website for more inspiring outdoor design and living ideas.


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