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5 Futuristic Home Improvements

In 2016 technology is constantly experiencing rapid advancements and the demands of modern life are continually increasing. Therefore modernising our homes to cope with these societal changes is a necessary task, which can reward you with numerous benefits. Here, we will look into five futuristic home improvements that are so innovative and useful that you will be left wondering how you ever survived life without them!

Nick DeLena adjusts his thermostat from Nest Labs in his home on August 12, 2013 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. The simply designed thermostat was created by the Palo Alto, California-based company, Nest. (Photo by Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images) Image credit: Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images


In-Duct Air Filtration

Maintaining good air quality within the home is vital. A lack of fresh, healthy air can seriously impact your health, potentially causing allergies and sinus headaches.

While air conditioning provides a much-needed source of cool air during the summer months, it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and other toxins. In-Duct Air Filtration is a particle and carbon removal system, which incorporates neatly into many home A/C systems.

In-Duct BE Tube Illustration-with callouts

How It Works

Rather than simply blocking toxins from entering the home, In-Duct Air Filtration systems attack them with UV rays, sterilising them and making them harmless. This ingenious method of air filtration can help to keep the air within your home clean and healthy for all the family.


Circadian-Rhythm Lighting

Put simply, our Circadian Rhythm is our 'body clock', which controls the times at which we want to fall asleep and wake up. In recent years, research has concluded that overexposure to static light is one of the major factors that can affect this natural rhythm.

The problem with the lighting systems installed in many modern homes is that there is no way of tailoring the lighting to your sleep pattern. As anyone who has been woken up first thing in the morning by the bedroom light will tell you, it's not a pleasant experience!


How It Works

Circadian-Rhythm Lighting systems are designed to be adjusted to your individual sleep pattern. The lighting can be set to become gradually lighter or darker at the times you would usually wake up and fall asleep, stimulating and relaxing the body much like natural sunrise and sunset would do.

As a versatile lighting option, Circadian-Rhythm Lighting systems can be purchased to replace existing home fitted lighting, or as a stand-alone lamp for the bedroom.

Want a cheaper alternative?

Don't want to fork out an arm and leg to purchase Circadian-Rhythm Lighting? Alternatively opt for an adjustable LED Downlight Kit. This LEDified one allows you to adjust the light colour, wattage and gives you control over dimming. Therefore you'll be able to manually adjust the lighting to fit different stages in the Circadian-Rhythm.


Electronic-Open Systems

Electronic-Open Systems are one of those inventions that you may not previously have considered but have the power to revolutionise the design of your storage space. Electronic-Open Systems also replace the need for clumsy-looking handles on the front of traditional draws, cupboards, and appliance doors. This makes the system a perfect solution for those wishing to create a kitchen with a stylish, streamlined feel.


How It Works

With just one light push of the front of a cupboard or draw, this electronic system will open up the storage space automatically, with minimal noise and effort. Aside from looking great, Electronic-Open Systems also have some very practical benefits such as creating more storage space than standard cupboards and draws.


Steam Oven

If you enjoy cooking, you'll notice that there is always a new gadget on the market promising to be better than the last. Despite this, the steam oven is a truly unique product that has the potential to change the way we cook forever.


How It Works

By boiling water in a reservoir, the oven creates a cloud of steam which encapsulates the food inside the oven. As the heat created by the steam is far more intense than that created by electric ovens, food is cooked quicker and  more effectively.

However, where the steam oven really excels is the way that it preserves vital vitamins and nutrients within the food, which would otherwise be lost through utilising other cooking methods.


Door Handle With Self-Sterilisation System

Upon discovery that many traditional sanitising products contain harmful chemicals, there has been a huge fall in their popularity. Therefore, the market for products with self-sterilising surfaces has grown enormously.


How It Works

Harmful bacteria are often spread throughout the home via surfaces that are regularly handled. To combat this, the Door Handle With Self-sterilisation System has been invented.

The door handle features a built-in UV lamp which stays on when not in use. This UV technology kills bacteria and viruses by bombarding them with radiation in the UV light spectrum. Although this is not harmful to humans, it is lethal to the pathogens that cause infections and viruses.


Overall, whether you're looking to add value to your older home, or simply make everyday life easier for you and the family, there's now a huge variety of futuristic home improving products available that will improve your lifestyle, and impress the neighbours for many years to come.

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