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5 Kitchen Renovating Priorities

Whether you’re starting from scratch or beginning a kitchen renovation, there are many important aspects that need considering. It is best to make a vast list of all you’re kitchen wants and needs and then consult the budget. Cutting the walk-in wine cellar and in-wall aquarium off the list may be necessary however there are some aspects of your kitchen design that we consider necessities!

kitchen-open-modern-wood-marbleWide Walkways

wide-open-walkway-kitchen-spaceThere’s nothing worse than trying to cautiously pass by someone in the kitchen with a saucepan of hot water as they frivolously chop up vegetables for dinner. Wide walkways are an absolute luxury in an open plan kitchen that will certainly be missed if you choose to save space and cut it down. As it happens, guest always tend to migrate to the kitchen before or after dinner and it always becomes the most crowded space. With plenty of room in and around your bench, guests can gather and linger without getting in the way of the chef! The minimum recommended kitchen isle is 42 inches but stretch it to 48-50 for extra comfort if you have the space!wide-open-walkway-kitchen-space wide-open-walkway-kitchen-space


Ample Bench Space

Whether you're serving up meals, rolling out pastry, chopping up fruit or decorating cakes, you can never have enough bench space. Bare kitchen benches always get covered with fruit bowls, cook books and appliances so keep this in mind when planning your kitchen! Space beside your cook top is a must as is space around your sink and pantry. An island bench is our favourite kitchen design, allowing plenty of open space for meal preparation, eating and even entertaining!

island-bench-space-room-serving-eating-storage island-bench-space-room-serving-eating-storage island-bench-space-room-serving-eating-storage

Natural Light

A kitchen can never have enough light. But just as light is crucial and natural lighting is preferable, maximum storage space is also an essential. The trick is finding the balance between enough windows and enough storage area, as it often comes down to one or the other. To overcome this problem, consider replacing your splash back with a window, if on an external wall. Consider installing a strip of windows above your overhead kitchen cupboards to allow light to flood in from ceiling height. If you are keen on open storage, install floating shelves across a wall of windows and kill two birds with one stone!

windows-open-splashback-light-natural windows-open-splashback-light-natural windows-open-splashback-light-natural


Maximum Storage

As just mentioned, a kitchen can NEVER have enough storage. If opting for minimalist design, this can be difficult to achieve. This is when one needs to get clever with design and make optimal use of space. In-cupboard storage units like the ELITE range from the Renovator Store maximise the space within your kitchen cupboards and keep everything neat and organised! Made in 3 standard sizes, these pull-out cupboard organisers are designed to hold chopping boards, knives, cooking utensils and condiments. Wall storage organiser racks look great if you are going for the industrial look and don’t mind your utensils being on display. These units also make great use of otherwise wasted blank walls.

open-kitchen-storage-product-clutter-shelves open-kitchen-storage-product-clutter-shelves


Your Kitchen Mixer

Investing in a durable and efficient kitchen mixer can make your time spent in the kitchen that little bit easier. Even the simplest features of your kitchen mixer can make house hold chores fun. Consider a pull out hose design, dual spray or a filtered drinking water function. Stainless steel is highly recommended to endure the daily workout that a kitchen mixer receives in a family home. Stainless steel also looks great and can be installed outdoors in an alfresco area. A kitchen mixer is often the first item that new home owners and renovators buy for their kitchen upgrade. It may be all you need to give your kitchen some new life!


Above: SWEDIA Signatür - Stainless steel kitchen mixer - pull out with dual flow


Above: VALE Vision Kitchen sink mixer - pull out with dual flow

bello-aguzzo-kitchen-sink-mixer-renovationAbove: AGUZZO Bello Kitchen Sink Mixer - Brushed Nickel Finish