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5 Things You Need To Do When Creating A Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Space

Capturing the freedom and the relaxing setting of an outdoor setting in an indoor space is the trend right now - and for good reason. Doing this lets you keep the comfort of the indoors while also enjoying the beauty of nature and the overall outdoor ambiance. If you're thinking of building a seamless indoor/outdoor space, here are five things you need to do to achieve this area.

1. Think about the doors.

outdoorThe first and most essential thing you need for creating a seamless indoor/outdoor space is the doors - or the barrier between the real indoors and the real outdoors - bi-fold doors to be specific. When it acts as a separator between your indoor/outdoor space and the inside of your home, it needs to look stylish enough to be more than just a separator. It also needs to be easy to operate so you will feel comfortable using it all the time. You don't want to stress yourself with uneven tracks and low quality rollers while you are actually trying to relax. Pick bi-fold doors that have big windows so it can let in plenty of natural light. Not any door will do as it will not just be your separator, but it should also act as an aesthetic element for your home.

2. Pick a low maintenance table.

A table is essential in an indoor/outdoor space as it will maximize the functionality of that area. You can use it to eat alfresco while feeling the comfort of the indoors, a unique activity that you can only get from this type of space. When picking a table, you need to keep in mind that it should be resistant to the elements. Not any ordinary table will do. Your indoor/outdoor table will be exposed to moisture, UV rays, and even extreme weather. Find a table with features that protect it from those elements.

3. Pick sturdy furniture.

Just like the table, the furniture you will be placing in your indoor/outdoor space should be resistant to the elements. Furniture using waterproof fabrics is ideal for this kind of space. Of course, you should also consider the aesthetics of your furniture. Aside from being low maintenance, your furniture also needs to reflect the design of your home for a seamless look.

4. Decorate with familiar things.

Continuing with the idea of a seamless look, use decorations to match those found in your house. Find throw pillows, rugs, and other decorative items that will complement the decor you've already established inside your home.

5. Grab attention with a feature piece.

To give you indoor/outdoor space that indoor quality even though it's outside, place a feature piece in there. A table, some furniture, and a few decorations may add an indoor feeling to an outdoor setting, but an attention-grabbing feature piece will completely blur the line of inside and outside spaces. Think of artwork, a big statue, a beautiful coffee table, or anything that will make this outdoor area look like it is actually part of your indoor area.

Always remember your goal when making decisions for creating a seamless indoor/outdoor space Your aim is to achieve an area where you can enjoy the relaxation brought by the outdoors while still experiencing the comfort of the indoors.