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6 Easy Ways to Fix Up Your Garden

Whenever the season comes for us to spend more time outdoors, we tend to get creative and rethink the design of our garden. I guess the more time you spend in it, the more you feel like you need to work on it and regular maintenance, such as lawn mowing and sweeping, is no longer sufficient. Let’s have a look at some ideas on how to freshen up your garden for the hot days to come.

led garden light


Let there be light

My favorite part of a hot summer day is a less-hot summer night. This is where you can gather your friends for a glass of your favorite drink and a cup of conversation. It is wise to have lights in your garden for such occasions, but apart from allowing you to see in the dark, you can use the lighting to give an air of romance and elegance to your garden. You can opt to use different kinds of lanterns, some of which you can even make yourself out of old bottles, jars, even dried squash. Make use of sunlight and have solar lights edge your path. For a simple, stylish look, have several modern lights installed. They will allow you just a right amount of light for visibility, and a right amount of dim for privacy.

Pave your own path

Literally! Obviously, you can buy the pavestone and pave the paths and the patio in your garden, but you can also make use of any old building material that you have left over. Do you have broken floor, bathroom or roof tiles, perhaps bricks? Use your imagination and the leftovers to make a unique road leading into your little paradise.

Add freshness

I have mentioned that you can freshen up your garden with these tips, and again, I meant it literally. A hot day is always easier to bear when you spend it next to a body of water, regardless of the size. Also, the sound of water humming may help you relax. There are numerous ways you can add a fountain to your garden at a very small price. You may even happen to have everything needed for building a little one so it will only cost you a bit of manual work. You can use, old pots, buckets, containers, add a Hoselink hose and hide hose reels and you’ll have your little spring in no time. If you don’t have an idea of your own or you’re not sure how to build the mechanism, browse the web for easy DIY solutions for fountains. If you feel less adventurous, you can add a simple bird bath and you will get the perk of listening to birds chirping all day long.

Add fire

You have added water, now you can add fire. It is too hot to prepare food inside, so you may as well eat barbecue for the entire season. This is why you can think about installing or building a grill in your garden. Alternatively, you can go for a fire pit and have something to sit around on occasional chilly nights. As with everything else, for those of us who prefer trying to do new things over calling a professional, there are various DIY ideas.

Do it yourself!

This is all DIY. Search your house for the things you never even use anymore but are keeping for an odd reason. Turn it into garden art. Pretty much anything can be sanded, painted and reused. Pretty much everything hollow can be made into a flower pot or even a fountain as I have mentioned above. Get your friends and children to help you. Kids will enjoy painting, drawing and gluing things. You will create their own little gallery by allowing them to assist you in decorating your family garden.

Choose your color and theme

If you want an all-over easy touch-up, you can first come up with a theme, or even just a color pattern. When it comes to colors, just adding certain flowers, pots and cushions can do the trick and help you follow the pattern. When it comes to a specific theme, you may need just a bit more effort, though I would recommend choosing a theme you really love, otherwise you may get bored of it.

Your garden can cost you a lot of money and time, but on the other hand, it doesn’t have to. As with everything else around the house, you can call a professional service to assist, get things from stores, or you can try doing and creating everything on your own. It is up to you, your interests and your potential, ideas are plentiful.


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