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6 Top Reno Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mistakes, both big and small, can be made during a renovation, however they all have one thing in common:


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Here are a list of the top 6 Reno mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Poor Preparation A proper renovation takes a lot of preparation. Make a detailed plan to keep you on time and on budget. Make a very specific agreement with your contractor BEFORE the work begins and have everything in writing. You should be able to see on paper how your renovation will play out before it even begins.

2. Buying before Planning Very important: DON'T BE TEMPTED to buy materials, appliances or furnishings etc UNTIL your reno is planned out and all the measurements have been taken (measure at least twice).

3. Ignoring Issues During a Reno there is a good chance you will find something that you were not expecting, especially when renovating an older home. Electrical or plumbing issues need to be dealt with, they can not be put on the back burner. It may be an unexpected cost up front, but it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

4. Cutting Corners Don't do it! Cutting corners on materials and finishes will only cause you problems in the future. It is better to do the job right the first time than have to go back and redo it. Buy quality products the first time, hire competent people to do the job, and take the time to do all the necessary steps.

5. Unlicensed Trades Don't hire unlicensed tradesmen. It is especially important to be sure to hire licensed professional trades people to complete specialised projects such as electrical, plumbing, gas, asbestos removal, or home structural improvements.

6. Too Much DIY We certainly encourage DIY, but know when it's best to hand over to the professionals. There are certain complicated jobs such as installing cabinetry, tiling or floor boarding, and carpentry that is too hard for the average home owner. If done incorrectly, it can decrease the value of the home. So stick to the smaller jobs that you know you can do.

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