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6 Quick Home Renovation Ideas

With time a scarcity for so many of us, home renovations these days seem to take longer and entail much more stress and cost than in the past.

Little do we know that upgrading or changing the look of your homes need not necessarily be time consuming. There are many ways to instantly uplift or make major changes to your home.

Here are a few 10 minute wonders that could quickly change the look and feel of your home.

Give your kitchen a new look - Upgrade cabinet handles


Instead of painting the cabinets, you could update the doors with a new design. Though painting would create a new look, its messy and time consuming. A simple solution is to remove and replace old cabinet hardware with new stylish handles. If you have recessed-panel doors, you can even remove the center panel and insert glass to open the cabinets up, giving your kitchen a more modern look.

Create a feature light - convert down lights to pendant lights

Instantly style a room by replacing a down light with a stunning pendant fixture. Pendant lights simply attach to your existing down-light fixture. Their patent pending design makes it so simple to install yourself.  If you can change a light bulb, you most definitely can install pendants lights!

Have your own personal rain cloud - install a rain shower head

300mm rain shower

Waiting for rainfall on a hot summer day may take forever, but installing a rain shower head only takes a couple of minutes. Bring the rain inside your bathroom and relax under a square or round shower head.

Lower your electricity bills and convert to LED Downlights.

Save your hard earned cash by converting down lights to LEDs. It takes an electrician only a couple of minutes to change a downlight and this can immediately start making you significant savings by lowering your electricity bills all year round.

Install a shirt hanger

shirt hanger

Rummaging through a pile of unsorted clean laundry to find your favourite shirt, takes about 5 mins longer than it will take to install a shirt hanger that neatly arranges your shirts in an organised row. Not only do you avoid plunging into a pile of clothes but also prevent the need to alot a separate time to simply arrange your shirts.

Organise your keys

looking for keys

How often do you misplace those front door keys? How many minutes are wasted rummaging through your bags, wallets or purses for keys to open the front door. It tales approximately 8 -10 mins to install an outdoor key storage so you never have to do this again.

Hope this helps!


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