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6 tips to make your front entrance an everlasting impression

The front entrance of your home is like the front cover of a book. It will shape first impressions and set the tone for what is expected inside. Don’t let your front entrance be an afterthought. Take time to design so that the first and last impressions of any visit will be the best.


Make your front door a feature

A bright pop of colour and unique mix of textures is the perfect approach to enhancing your front entrance. Why not opt for a non-neutral colour door such as red or blue and match your surrounding pot plants. How about a wooden and wrought iron combination paired with climbing vines and stone steps? Choose an interesting door handle, doorknocker or stain glass window design!

home_entrance_door home_entrance_front_door home_entrance_front_door_iron home_entrance_front_door_red home_entrance_frontdoor home_entrance_iron home_entrance_stainglass

Create a cosy sitting area for Sunday morning coffee

There is often a fair bit of dead space around your front entrance. Many people believe that a bench, table and chairs are rarely used however if you create a cosy little area, it will be perfect for reading the newspaper and drinking coffees. Depending on the orientation of your house, the front entrance might be the only place to receive morning sunshine. If you have a small backyard, why not move your table to the front area to create an additional living space!

Home_entrance_exterior_front_garden home_entrance_sitting Home_Entrance_4



Have fun with your letterbox and house number

A letter box and house number can be more than just a reference for the postman. If you have higher fences, it can sometimes be all that can be seen from the street. Why not increase your curb appeal with a contemporary mailbox and street number design. The Renovator Store has a vast array of stainless steel numbers and letterboxes that will survive all weather and enhance first impressions from the get go.

Home_entrance_exterior_front_garden home_entrance_number


Lighten up the way

As well as instantly boosting the curb appeal of your home, entrance lighting does more than just making your home look pretty. Sufficient lighting around your front yard has been proven to deter burglars by up to 80%! It will also maintain a safe environment for guests to come and go in the dark by reducing falls and tripping hazards!

home_entrance_lighting home_entrance_lighting home_entrance_lightingg home_entrance_lightss

Green, Green, Green

There’s nothing more invigorating than fresh plants and flowers surrounding the entrance to a home. It sets a positive vibe from the very beginning with seasonal flora that will act on all of ones senses by adding colour, liveliness and a beautiful smell.

home_entrance_garden home_entrance_gardenn


home_entrance_garden home_entrance_pot_plant

Make it an experience

Artwork need not be saved for the inside walls. Your front entrance should be a reflection of what is to come. Why not invest in some outdoor artwork or sculptures to add interest and culture to your front yard. A fascinating range of outdoor sculptures exists across all artistic styles and are made from an assortment of materials.

home_entrance_garden_sculplture home_entrance_sculpturess


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