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6 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa Retreat

Life gets stressful, and you deserve a break. What could be more pleasant than a nice trip to a spa retreat? This sounds like the perfect plan until you consider the exorbitant prices and often inconvenient location associated with these establishments. Wouldn't it just be handy to have a spa retreat in your very own home? Here are some top tips to turn your bathroom into the relaxation haven of your dreams.


Invest in a rain shower headwater from rain shower outdoor

A rain shower head has a very large diameter and hundreds of tiny nozzles to simulate the sensation of rain falling. The indulgent rainfall of warm water cascading over your body will transport you into a realm of relaxation, without you even having to step foot outside your own front door.

black rain shower head

The extensive diameter of the shower head also allows you to move around with more freedom than a regular shower as you are constantly encompassed in the flow of water. Lastly, a rain shower head is an attractive contemporary touch to your bathroom. Opt for this matte black rain shower head for striking minimalistic design that will be sure to get your guests talking.


Replace your basin

bamboo basin

Bringing nature into the bathroom is the latest trend in bathroom design and is additionally an easy way to transform your bathroom into a retreat. Bamboo basins are an easy way to do this. Made through painstakingly softening, layering and honing sheets of bamboo, each basin has unique grain patterns and wood colouring. Not only are they attractive, but they are also fully impervious to water and are designed to last a lifetime.


Install a heated towel rail


Heated towel rails are an easy way to create the relaxed feeling associated with a spa retreat. Just imagine the comfort of those warm fluffy towels on a cold winters morning. The innovative design of this Aguzzo heated towel rail is not only easy to install, but also looks great in your bathroom!

(If you want to get the heated towel rail that's perfect for your bathroom, read these Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail.)


 Choose under tile heating


After a nice hot shower or soak in the tub nothing could be more alarming than stepping out onto cold tiles. Completely eradicate this issue with under tile heating. Easily controllable, you can adjust the floor to the perfect temperature. In addition adding a sense of tranquility to your bathroom, it can also increase the value of your home.


Candles & Robes

Spa atmosphere candle with zen stones in sand still natureFinish up creating your very own spa retreat with the addition of a final few articles. Opt to invest in fluffy white bathrobes. Nothing says relaxation and peacefulness quite the same. Additionally scented candles can effectively relax both the body and mind, adding to the 'spa retreat' feel. You might even choose to add a small potted plant to further incorporate nature into your bathroom.


Just remember, renovating your bathroom into a spa retreat may take a little effort, but afterwards, you can kick back and enjoy the relaxation haven you've created. We promise it'll be oh so worth it.

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