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7 Magical Solutions to rid your wasted space

Do you have a wasted corner in your house? Free wall space in your lounge? An under-stair cupboard that is filled with hard rubbish? We all have wasted space in our home however so much potential lies amongst the hidden nooks and crannies. Turn your dead space into an extraordinary home addition today!

1. Add a bench or window seat

At the end of a long hallway or even half way down, add a bench beneath the window or between walls to create a cosy atmosphere. You can use the space below it for storage or try mounting some floating shelves above and it will soon become your own personal library and reading nook or sunlit relaxation station.

window_seat_storage window_seat_2 window_seat_3

2. Hang a garden

With no backyard or park nearby, you soon forgot the joy that nature provides. Bring nature inside by hanging pot plants from the ceilings and placing ferns on the floor. Do your research to make sure that the plants you buy will be able to survive in an indoor climate. Why not make yourself a mini veggie garden or hanging wall of herbs to help out with dinnertime cooking!

indoor_garden_herbs_plants_design indoor_garden_3 indoor_gardens_2

3. Add a bed

Fold down beds are simple solutions to lack of space. If you have a home study with spare cupboards, install a pull down bed so that it can now become a spare bedroom too.

Fold_down_bed_space_saver fold_down_bed_3 fold_down_bed_5 fold_down_bed_6

4. Dig a cellar

It’s not a cheap addition but if you have a passion for wine tasting, there’s no better way to store your collection than in an underground cellar. And what better access point than from the kitchen? It will involve extreme excavation and a few weeks work but it will most certainly impress every guest that you ever entertain.

Underground_cellar underground_cellar

5. Build a homework station

By making a fun, modern study area with a few quirky design features, it will encourage your kids to sit down and get their homework done. The small area under the stairs is perfect for installing a floating desk and a few shelves and drawers. Squeeze in 1, 2 or even 3 separate desks and make your child feel important with their own study area

homework_station_stairs homework_station_2 homework_station_3

6. Add floating cupboards and shelves

Floating cupboards and shelves are ideal if you are in need of a little more storage but lacking floor space. Even beside a bed floating shelves and cupboards can be installed and mounted right up to ceiling height.

Floating_cupboard_shelves_storage floating_cupboard_1

7. Turn a cupboard into a room

Take out the unnecessary shelves inside your cupboard and turn it into a little study nook, a laundry, a craft desk or a baby change station! By installing retractable doors, is can be constantly on display or shut up and hidden when guests are around.

Cupboard_room_storage_space_saver cupboard_laundry_2 study_cupboard_1



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