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7 Neat Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe

Does it take you ages to find stuff in your wardrobe? Has it become a jumble of clutter? Here are seven solutions to help you organise your wardrobe and save you time, space, and energy:

wardrobe solutions for young businessman

1. Pull Out Wardrobe Storage Tray

THEY’LL STAY IN THE TRAY: Never lose an earring or cufflinks with this pull-out storage tray for your jewellery, watches, belts, and other small items. It has fifteen partitions lined with soft cream velvet. and pulls open smoothly and closes gently, via the high-quality ball bearing slider.


Here’s more:

  • Fits a standard 900-mm wardrobe
  • Easy-to-install; all fittings packed with the item
  • Free delivery in Australia

2. Slide-Out Hanging Clothes Rack


REACHABLE WEARABLES: No need to dig deep and ruffle your well-pressed shirts! This slide-out hanging clothes rack provides convenient and easier access to them. Suitable for a closet that lacks depth, this top-mounted rack can hold up to 12 items of clothing, utilizing space more efficiently.

Here’s more:

  • Four screws provided for no-fuss installation
  • Durable plastic, with aluminium mount and slider, brushed satin and black finish
  • Good for wardrobes, cupboards, and under-laundry shelves
  • With 5-year warranty

3. Closet Door Baskets


PUT MORE ON THE DOOR: This project utilises the inside of a linen closet door for additional storage. It’s simply four wire baskets on half a door rail, with two S hooks below to hang a small ironing board. Make your own variations depending on your closet door size and available space.

Here’s more:

  • Adds to limited storage
  • Good place for laundry care items and toiletries
  • Works even on a door with a hollow core

4. Pull Out Wardrobe Shoe Storage


IF THE SHOE FITS: And they will, with this pull-out shoe basket! Keep your shoes handy, in order, in plain view. The basket is made of durable chrome and can handle up to 15 kilograms. Such a simple but effective use of space!

Here’s more:

  • With a smart expandable frame to fit any wardrobe width
  • Slides on top-quality ball bearing runners
  • Even two shoe racks can be installed in your wardrobe

5. Slide-Out Trouser and Tie Rack


TIDY TROUSERS: It’s made of strong metal and can hang 4 pairs of trousers and 20 ties. Install it without trouble on either the left or the right side of your wardrobe, or put one on each side or even one on top of the other. This slide-out trouser and tie rack can also be used as a laundry drying rack.

Here’s more:

  • Easy pull-out access
  • Folds down flat on the wardrobe wall
  • Can be despatched within 1 business day

6. Shelf Dividers


DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Sort out that cluttered linen storage with these inexpensive dividers. They come two to a set, in short and tall sizes. Buy some, clear out your linen closet, put the dividers, then fold and arrange your sheets the way you want.

Here’s more:

  • No more scrounging for the bedding you’re looking for
  • A chance to keep only the linen you need and donate what you can give away
  • Add labels to each division to make them look better

7. Fold-Out Hide-Away Ironing Board


SLIDE IT, HIDE IT: The streamlined design of this fold-out ironing board is great for a standard wardrobe cupboard. It’s ideal for those with limited wardrobe or laundry area, which is a poor fit for a massive board. This one is smaller but has a strong frame, with steel ball bearing runners and a solid plate hinge.

Here’s more:

  • Made by a wardrobe and cupboard storage specialist
  • Rated 5 stars
  • Replacement cover can be bought for added sanitation

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