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8 spring tips to freshen up your kitchen

Kitchens are undoubtedly the main hub of the house, becoming a lot more than just a place to cook and prepare food. With entertainment, preparation, homework clubs and conversations all occurring around the kitchen bench, it is fair to say that a little bit of kitchen maintenance would be a worthy investment and something readily reflected on. So where to start? Follow these 8 tips below to dapper up your kitchen to a room worth being proud of.


Kitchen taps

Your kitchen tap is the most used appliance in your kitchen. Used for food preparation, clean up and multiple other reasons throughout each day, a good kitchen tap is worth investing in. However your investment need not be expensive! There are multiple options out there on the market ranging in material, design and price. Stainless steel is often the safest and most reliable material although can be more expensive than a brass look-alike. The stocks a wide range of stainless steel taps at the most competitive prices so jump on line today!


Kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks also play a large role in the practicality and look of your kitchen. Each style and material has its pros and cons. Styles vary from white porcelain farmhouse to stainless steel and come in one, two or three-basin set ups. The size of your sink is a personal choice however it is recommended that your biggest pot/bowl should be able to fit inside the sink without tilting on awkward angles. Don’t just limit yourself to a square shaped sink. Consider the possibilities of round or even rectangle.




Cabinet Door Handles

By replacing cabinetry handles, your kitchen can take on a whole new look for a minimal amount of money. Depending on where you shop, kitchens door handles can cost as little as 50 cents. Solid stainless steel cupboard handles are as little as $6 and made from the finest material on the market. Jump on to the to check out their other amazing offers.


Toe Kick Storage

That unused space under your kitchen cabinets could very well be the best use of space that you’ve ever considered! Hidden from eye level but almost certainly available, why not install draws instead of kick boards and never run out of space for cupcake tins or baking trays again!


Clean out cupboards and drawers

Before investing in some additional storage units, sit down and have a good clean out of all your cupboards and drawers and you may very well find that you no longer need more storage space. Old kitchen clutter can build up in ridiculous amounts after a few years. Cleaning out your kitchen cupboards every winter is a good habit to get into!


Build a work station

A kitchen work station or study nook works fantastically in a family kitchen. This way, bills, phone call and school notices can be kept on top of and stored whilst dinner is simultaneously prepared!


Clean your tile grout

If upgrading to a large stone bench top or splash back is out of the budget, cleaning your tile grout maybe all you need to do to turn your kitchen from the grimy, slimy place it is now to the modern, clean kitchen you are wanting. Firstly, clean the bench or splash back surface to ensure all debris is removed. Then, using a toothbrush, dissolve 2 teaspoons of bleach into warm water and scrub over the grout. Wipe clean, allow to dry and then spray an eco-friendly cleaning spray over the surface before allowing to dry. Apply grout sealer once the grout has fully dried and be sure to reapply every year.


Add splashback storage

Installing wall systems such as magnetic knife holders or spice racks will save you tonnes of draw and cupboard space as well as providing an arty, industrial look to your kitchen, not to mention the convenience of having all your utensils at easy reach within the kitchen.


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