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8 ways to make your rented house feel like a home

With the new ‘rental generation’ sweeping the housing market, it is hard to know whether the Great Australian Dream of owning your own backyard will ever be an ambition of our children. When you think of a rental home, a cheaply fitted dorm style room comes to mind with blank walls and horrific carpet. Making your rental house feel like a home can often seem impossible but with a little bit of spending and a lot of imagination, it will soon feel as if it is your own.


  1. Invest in life long furniture

Abandon the myth about not investing large amounts of money on furniture pieces for a rented home. If you love it, then you are going to make it work wherever you live. As long as it is not a custom made, ridiculously obscure size and shape, it will very likely work in your future homes too. Many rented home are filled with cheap knick-knacks to ‘tie you over’ until you settle into your real home but this doesn’t have to be the case.



  1. Second hand doesn’t have to be second best.

Although investing in expensive, good quality furniture can be a wise decision in the long run, there’s nothing wrong with shopping around at second hand thrift shops. This does not mean quality or style is compromised in the slightest, just the price. So whether on a tight or substantial budget, make sure you shop around and consider all options. Some of the most sought after interior items are at your local market for $10.


rented_home_antiquee Rented_house_home_DIY_renovate

  1. Update the lighting fixtures.

You may need to contact the landlord for this however there are many DIY lighting features that can simply be attached around your lighting fixture and removed at a later stage. If this is your plan, remember to store the original ones safely so that they can be re-attached later and you can reclaim your security bond. For a wide variety of DIY feature lights at the most competitive prices, visit the Renovator Store.

rented_home_lightinggg rented_home_lightingg Rented_house_home_DIY_renovate

  1. Consider mounting removal wallpaper

If your walls are an unbearable paint colour or the ‘70s wallpaper just isn’t cutting it for you, look into removable wallpaper options. Removable wallpaper comes in hundreds of colours and patterns and is easy to install yourself. Most importantly, removable wallpaper peels off the walls as easily as it goes on without leaving any marks or prints. It can even be used multiple times without loosing its stickiness!

rented_home_wallpaperpp Rented_house_home_DIY_renovate

  1. Turn a blank wall into your creative canvas

A few nails and frames is all you need to turn a blank white lounge room wall into a unique feature wall. We all know that a picture tells 1000 words so fill your space with memories of your lifetime. Many landlords are fine about a few nails in the wall or if you’re lucky, there may already be hanging options. Shop around and research all the different frame designs to make the most of your hanging space.

rented_home_photos rented_home_photo

  1. Drape some colour

If you’re landlord is a real Nazi and wont allow any holes or colours on the walls, consider hanging some stylish curtains that can drape from floor to ceiling and provide you with the colour that you are after. What a cheap and simple fix! How good does this kitchen look with a a basic black and white drape?





  1. Invest in a rug

Regardless of whether you have wall-to-wall carpet, lino, tiles or floorboards, it is presumed that your rented house flooring will not be up to scratch. A colourful rug can add warmth, colour, style and the individuality you need to make your rented house a home.


rented_home_ruggg Rented_Home_DIY_renovate

  1. Add some life to your home

Even though animals may be banished from your rented house, plants won't be. Flowers, succulents, vegie gardens and pots are a fantastic way of providing life and colour to your house! A fresh bunch of tulips can turn your dreary old kitchen into a fresh and scented space. Changing colour themes and styles can easily be enhanced with indoor and outdoor plant life.

rented_home_plantts rented_home_plantsssss Rented_Home_DIY_renovate

There’s no excuse for your rented house to feel cold and unfamiliar. Place a freestanding bookshelf in the corner and fill it with your favourite books and photos. Stand your art work against the wall and buy the biggest bunch of roses for the kitchen bench. Your house is now your home.

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