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9 Cheap Tips to Make Your Home Look Like a Million Dollars.

Three is the Magic Number

The trio of paneled art, which has been rising in popularity in recent years, can set you back a pretty penny. But you can make your own! Rather than commission a custom piece, download a free art from the web, print an extra large image at a local printer, and cut the image into three parts to fit into uniform frames.

3 art

Create an Illusion

The bigger the area rug, the bigger the room will feel. you would want to make spaces feel larger by taping together rugs. A neutral palette, mirrors behind the sofa, and giant rug work together to make the small room appear bigger .

Less is More


Rather than jamming shelves full of knickknacks, opt for a minimalist look: Several books stand upright along with tall vases that fill the space without overcrowding it. Try adding objects of various height and color to give personality. Turn wasted, unused space into a functional reading nook that can be enjoyed by many by simply adding a chair."

Go Bold or Go Home


Every room needs a focal point. If you don't already have one, center the room using eye-catching wall art. To cut costs, you could create your own like this piece that was simply three giant canvases painted. This instantly looks like having have bought an art piece from a Michael Angelo which might have caused hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But actually cost you less than even a tenth of the cost. The key is to hang the panels so that they appear as one oversized piece for the greatest effect.

Flair for Drama

Banishes boring boudoirs with a simple trick. Paint one wall a dark color or cover it with grass cloth. The textured accent wall behind a bed will add warmth to any bedroom and gives a polished look. Redoing only one wall is perfect for a budget makeover, because you’ll save a ton of money (and time).

Natural Wonder

If you are lucky enough to have a home that bathes in sunlight and has beautifully natural bones, then let those elements be the star. Stick with neutral colors to let the home’s best asset — natural light — shine. To prevent rooms from becoming boring,  throw in zing by way of a chevron or and busy patterned pillow.

Elements of Surprise

Create a dramatic headboard with inexpensive desktops propped against the wall. Dark hue headboard tend to pop against normally light walls.

Room with a View


Don’t be afraid to put window treatments around a breathtaking view. Just avoid bright colors and “frame the view with neutral curtains so the eye is drawn toward the windows. If you face the “problem” of too much space, you can try this - Buy two wooden dining room tables and cut the legs to make the table cocktail height. Push them together fills up the space and gives the room instant function.

To construct your own cocktail table from a dining room table shop local thrift stores and snag a great value. Or, head to your neighborhood super store.

MIx and Match


Most luxury homes decorate rooms with natural palettes by adding pops of color and texture with accessories. Popular color schemes incorporate shades of white, gray, and beige. Try to mix and match design from different eras, such as the two white chairs. The Ming-style chair in the left corner makes the whole room feel less cookie cutter but painting it white keeps it in the palette.

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