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A concealed bin doesn't just have to be for waste!

A concealed bin continues to be a fantastic solution for waste management in the kitchen, and it's use doesn't have to stop there! A concealed bin can be an excellent organisation measure for the family home. Read on to learn how!

Other uses for a concealed bin

For toy storage

If you have young children at home, surely you know the pain of hundreds of toys strewn about the house. A waste bin can be a great gathering place for all those errand toys and objects around the house. A bin is a quick and easy process that children can handle, and can encourage them to clean up their own messes!


organise messy toys


For the bedroom

Bins can be a fantastic way to organise closets and clutter that seems to accumulate in the bedroom. Storage containers can also transform your closet storage - housing everything from shoes, big coats, to dirty laundry or accessories.


concealed bin for the bedroom Pinterest

For pet care 

You can use waste bins to store all the items associated with caring for your pet. A smaller pull-out bin could be filled up with pet food, enabling you to easily pull out a stock of pet food and distribute it. Similarly, you could store brushes, toys and leads in a waste bin to make all your pet needs centralised.


concealed bin pet food

For the garage 

Garages generally end up being a hub of storage themselves, but things can quickly get disorganised. (We're talking cobwebs and spiders in between all the items that get dumped in the garage over the years...). Bins can be a great way to organise all of the items that end up being housed in the garage. Everything from household tools, gardening objects and christmas decorations can be stored in pull-out waste bins installed in your garage.


pull out waste bin range

For the bathroom

Use a small concealed bin as a storage solution for all your bathroom products, instead of letting them build up and clutter your vanity. You could use also opt for a bin with larger dimensions as a place to store towels. A concealed waste bin could also be a great way to store dirty towels and laundry instead of going back and forth.


concealed bin

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