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Antics in the Attic

Are you after a bit of extra space within your home – a play room for the kids, a small nook to curl up in or a quiet area to study? Before contemplating knocking down walls and adding another room, consider converting the space you already have. Attics may seem like dark and dreary spaces high above your ceiling that are only suitable for suitcases and storage but hold that thought and be inspired by the ideas below.

Small attics are a great option for children's bedrooms. The reduced head height isn’t an issue and is the perfect sanctuary for children to spread their mess

attic-conversion-renovate-childrens-bedroom attic-conversion-renovate-childrens-bedroom

Make your attic light and bright with a fresh coat of white paint and a skylight if possible!

attic_renovation_white_bright_light  attic_renovation_white_bright_light

If the ceiling is quite low, consider a Japanese-style futon bed. Opulent décor and lighting can make any mattress on the floor look luxurious.

attic_bed_low_futon_renovation attic_bed_low_futon_renovation

In the end, when the main activity is sleeping, there is no need for extravagant head height so don’t let a low ceiling put you off the extra bedroom possibility.

attic_bed_low_futon_renovation attic_bed_low_futon_renovation

Not all attics must contain a pitched roof, if you have the space and money, get creative with your ceiling shape

attic_ceiling_rounded_renovate attic_ceiling_rounded_renovate attic_ceiling_rounded_renovate

Maximise your storage opportunity in your attic! Under-bed storage, built in bookshelves and open shelving beside chimneys and pipe chases offer multiple storage possibilities.

attic_ceiling_rounded_renovate attic_ceiling_rounded_renovate


If you aren't after an extra room but are just in need of more storage, clear out your attic space and add adequate storage solutions. Did you know that some houses have a further 50% of their floor space in the roof! By installing an attic ladder, you won't waste space for a stairwell. It can simply be pulled down when access is needed and then folded away and out of sight.


Add a ceiling fan if your ceiling height allows it. Attics can get very uncomfortable in the warmer months if there is minimal ventilation.

attic_storage_renovation_conversion attic_storage_renovation_conversion

Just as they can get warm, attics can get very cool during the night-time and winter months. The roof is a major contributor to heat loss so don’t forget insulation. Spray-foam roof insulation costs two or three times more than fiberglass batt insulation but will keep you warmer and will reduce attic noise in the rooms below.


Attics are a great space to turn into a guest bedroom/lounge area. For families with exchange students or host guests, an attic bedroom provides independence and comfort

attic_storage_renovation_conversion attic_storage_renovation_conversion

If you are a fanatic for fashion, why not turn your attic space into your own, personal walk in wardrobe. Get lost amongst your clothes and shoes and your husband never has to see it.

attic_conversion_closet_wardrobe attic_conversion_closet_wardrobe attic_conversion_closet_wardrobe attic_conversion_closet_wardrobe

A reading nook may be all you have room for but its better than nothing

attic_conversion_closet_wardrobe attic_conversion_closet_wardrobe


Remember that before beginning on your attic conversion, make sure it is council approved and all the rules and regulations are covered. Depending on where you live, some attics have to be a certain size, height and square meterage. Attic conversions can be a DIY job however plans will need to be submitted to ensure safety and stability.



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