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Apartment Renovation Pitfalls

Renovating apartments is good and does give you profit. Though, it may be a bit more challenging than renovating your home. Make sure that you prepare for some issues you may come across with, and take preemptive steps to minimize challenges that you may face on site.

Here are some insights on typical issues that renovators encounter when renovating apartments.


Strata Regulations

Renovating apartments are not as easy and needs approval of a Strata body. Consider this when buying and renovating apartments. Preparing design covenants and securing approvals may be a painstaking task.


When renovating apartments specifically working with tradies consider the capacity of work space. How many tradies could work their craft at the same time, and of course never never compromise workplace safety.

Electrical and plumbing work

Electrical and plumbing works in an apartment building is not like your typical plumbing and household wiring. For instance, turning off water supply when changing your taps may mean disrupting water supply for say around 32 apartment doors. Be mindful of this things and get the necessary permits, approvals and notices.

A few more issues may be building access, noise, etc.....

Check this ">video by Australia's Renovation Queen herself  - Cherie Barber, on Issues renovators encounter when renovating apartments.

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