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Architects and Contractors are not the same.

You've asked friends to recommend great contractors,architects, picked your favourite, checked references — and maybe even conducted an online background check on their portfolios. So you know you've found top-notch people for your home improvement project. But which one do you need.

Before you make a commitment, here’s what you need to know

Remember! contractors are focused on specific jobs like plumbing, electrical wiring and probably even painting.

Architects are your designers, your planners, your own eye for detail and the overall project manager.
architectArchitects are about design and concept they take care of how your house would look like, the proper width of a wall you'd like to include or the proper height your counter should be. Ask an architect for overall planning and details. These expert design professionals costs are usually compensated by efficient planning and their problem-free design work.If you need help with permits and zoning issues, that's the architects scope. They take care of getting needed permits and deal with any problems that may arise during construction, including zoning issues and supply shortages.

contractorsContractors on other hand will make sure your taps are installed correctly or the electrical wiring wont end up turning on your oven instead when you switch on the lights.  Contractors execute. Whether its by himself or by another subcontracted plumber or carpenter.  He takes care of how the plumbing work was done or how good the finish on the newly installed counter came out but not where you put the counter.  Don’t count on a contractor to design your space and add clever touches like pendant lights or a lamp.

contractor and architectBuying items such as plumbing fixtures, cabinets, counter tops  and flooring is your job though. Just ask your contractor what type you need and tell them you'd have it ready when they need it installed. This will also help your budget since you can scout for lower prices online through online stores like rather than what your contractor might do since they have less time to choose and compare.

With these simple thoughts in mind. You'd now better understand which expert you'd hire depending on the need of your renovation.

If you think you can handle design and symmetrical appearance of your house and simply need to make sure your new wardrobe isn't done as if it was a schoolboy's project then its the contractor your looking at.

Design and concept on the other hand ,as well as overall management of your project and including the permits would lead you to the architect your mum recommended.

Happy renovating!

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