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Simple Home Decorating Tricks

Have you ever wondered why some people's homes seem to radiate with sunshine even on a cloudy day? It is usually the obvious that is missed and easy to fix. Check out some of these ideas that leave you wondering why you hadn't thought of it before.

Wipe Out the 'Lived In' Syndrome

A home does not have to be a mess to be comfortable. Shoes in the middle of the floor, newspapers strewn on the couch, and a coffee table piled with remnants of last night's dinner, games, or reading material can make the most attractive home confusing. This appearance also makes every member of the family feel more tired than they actually are. Compare this scene to visiting a big box store early in the morning. This is normally when shelves are restocked and aisles are filled with cardboard boxes and carts. Even though you know exactly what you want to buy, the sight puts your mind in a fog and you can't remember where anything is. Get rid of the clutter.


Mirrors with a Second Meaning

When someone mentions that mirrors are a great way for expanding space, most people see themselves checking their clothes and hair at every turn. Believe it or not, this is not how it works. Mirrors do not attract faces but do attract light and extra room. If you have a corner that always seems dark, try adding a series of mirrors to reflect the light from windows located on other walls. They can be long, thin and without a frame or a collage of smaller framed styles. Make sure to keep your windows uncovered in order to bring in the ultimate effect that the reflection can give.


Furniture Needs

Furniture is a necessity for sitting, resting and relaxing. Compromising comfort for looks often leads to sore muscles and choosing to avoid the room or making a seat on the floor. No matter how awesome a furniture grouping may appear, always give it the rest test before purchasing. There are several furniture manufacturers that combine form and function for a dazzling effect. Using modern furniture in a home not only projects straight lines and organization, but can also open space that is limited and be inviting to visitors.

Do Not be Afraid of Yellow

Yellow signifies joy and happiness. It does not have to be the shade of the sun or a blast of neon in order to be a part of your decor. Muted yellow goes great with all colors of the rainbow and can add quite a bit of spice to a dreary room. This does not mean than you need to go crazy and outfit your space with yellow. Think subtle, such as a clear glass jar of sunflowers, an abstract painting that depicts strong bright colors, or a couple of butterscotch pillar candles on a side table.

Yellow highlights

Task Lighting that Outlines Taste

You may know that ambient lighting is important for keeping an even flow of light in a room, but task lighting can provide a dramatic flare to items of pleasure or create a focal point with clarity. For instance, if your grand kids are a source of joy, keep them alive in a room by using framed action shots and further lined with track lighting to feel the zest of their young lives. Fireplaces are also a great feature for highlighting with upward or downward task lights that draw eyes to this focal point.

Fragrances with Impact

One of the reasons why you remember visiting a happy home is not always due to what you see. Scents play an important part in how people remember our homes. If a home has a sanitized smell, it can make you uneasy, like visiting a hospital. Orange is a favorite scent if you want to keep the air fresh-smelling and not overbearing. Natural is also a good choice, like Eucalyptus or almond.

Make your home a pleasant place for retreating to and find yourself feeling fresher, more relaxed and happier with your new surroundings.

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