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Autumn renovations

Autumn is the perfect time to get into some long-needed renovation projects because of the balance of temperature - not too hot yet not too cold.

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Fair weather is the reason to renovate in autumn

When starting any project, consider how long it's going to take. Think about some of those larger remodeling jobs and building projects that were too tricky in summer, and won't be easy once winter arrives. 

This is particularly the case for outdoor renovations which require laying concrete slabs for building a new shed, adding retaining walls or putting in a new deck. All the projects are reliant on dry weather because it's not possible to lay cement in the rain.  Similarly, dry weather is needed for painting, whether it's painting the exterior of your home or resealing your deck.

Top projects for autumn:

  • Make sure your roof is in top condition and  repair or replace if necessaryRoofers at work
  • Replace guttering and pipes
  • Repair or replace exterior fences and walls

repair fence

  • Repaint your exterior (including windows and doors)
  • Internal remodeling (such as knocking out a dividing wall)
  • Update your bathroom or kitchen (think new tiles, new joinery or just repainting)
  • Re-stain or re-seal your outdoor deck

restain deck

  • Replace carpet and install underfloor heating
  • Build outdoor structures like gazebos or pergolas

These are just a few renovations ideally done during this autumn season. Always remember, renovation projects is already as it is a huge undertaking. Knowing when and how to factor in season, weather and time to make your renovations easier and quicker will definitely lighten the load and make sure you finish your projects seamlessly and just in time.

Happy renovating!

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