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Create a Hot and Handsome Bachelor Pad!

BACHELOR PAD was a term previously used to describe messy, unstructured spaces packed with sports memorabilia, remote controls, college furniture and tacky art. Well, times have changed — and so have the ways designers approach spaces inhabited by single guys. From colour schemes, furniture styles, and art selection, there are plenty of ways to create spaces fit for bachelors. Read on for some tips to creating a bachelor pad that is handsome and elegant, custom and off-the-shelf, warm and welcoming. 


The first step in creating a  bachelor pad is to avoid cliches whenever possible. Cliche design ideas quickly become dated, speeding up how soon a room may require redecoration. Sure, leather sofas are durable — and nothing screams masculinity like touches of worn-in, aged textures — but there are many other guy-friendly choices that are much more unexpected and unique. Leather can be very expensive, however velvet, boucle, and linen are great alternatives that keep costs down.


When it comes to colour, blue is the most popular choice for men; however, strictly using it in accents or choosing a muted hue often gets more mileage than a space completely covered in cobalt. Two classic colour choices for spaces inhabited by men are grey and brown. These colours work well with just about anything and, depending on what they're paired with, can take on extremely chic personas. For male-friendly contrast to these tones, consider saturated reds, oranges or royal purples.


Another common cliché associated with bachelor pads is to leave windows bare. Men often associate window treatments as being feminine when, in fact, window treatments are gender neutral and play an important part in insulating spaces, reducing noise pollution, and preventing fading of furniture and/or carpets. To give window treatments masculine identity, opt for solids with metallic sheen or rough textures and choose prints with geometric patterns, pinstripes, tartans or plaids. For that high-end touch, it's important that window treatments are also lined. Lining helps the drapery panels hang properly and ensures clean, tailored folds from top to bottom.


Tailored upholstery details are excellent ways to bring high-end touches of sophistication and elegance to a man's space. Sofas with simple button tufts, commonly referred to in pop culture as "Mad Men Style," have been en vogue since the 1960s and continue to keep from going out of style. Streamlined upholstery on chairs with sleek lines can take on new appearances depending on how they're accessorized. Should a lady friend enter the picture, these types of pieces can become more female-friendly with the introduction of botanical prints on throw pillows or blankets.


Sticking with solids on staple furniture pieces is also economical, since the pieces can instantly take on new looks with patterned throws, blankets or rugs.


For bachelors unsure of their particular design style, transitional interiors are often great middle ground between traditional and modern. If the look and feel of modern comes across as too cold or sparse, and all things traditional seem too stuffy or expected, transitional style is ideal. By marrying the best of both styles, transitional design creates something classic, clean and updated. To successfully pull off transitional decor, it all comes down to mixing. If a living room sofa is sleek and modern, consider pairing it with a classic, traditional-style coffee table. Throw in rustic accents with end tables and modern art and suddenly the entire space will come together as timeless, but with a streamlined, warm and personal edge.


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