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Back to Interior Design Basics: 6 Tips to Make Any Room Look Better

Interior design, like any other art form depends on your style preferences. You might believe it's necessary to have assistance from a professional in order to successfully decorate your home, but in actuality things aren't quite as complicated decorators would like you to believe. Essentially there are just a few basic tricks that can make a room look incredibly polished, so with further adieu here are six tips that will make any room look better.

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Minimalism Always Works  

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When redecorating it's easy to get into the mindset of what should I add to the space? This puts you at risk of overcrowding the room and creating unnecessary clutter. In order to avoid this stick to minimalistic style principles, where quality is valued over quantity. To learn more about minimalism check out these Scandinavian designers


Do the Maths before You Make a Purchase


Aside from resorting to minimalism, you should also pay attention to the dimensions and shape of the furniture you buy. In other words, if you are tight on space, you need to select the elements that fit well into your room and yet provide you with the utmost functionality. For example, without sharp sides to bump into, a round dining room table could be placed into a corner, offering more eating space.


Have a Focal Point


It is immensely important that every room in your home has some sort of a focal point. This is an area specifically designed to attract the attention of your guests. Now, some rooms have obvious focal points, such as a retro fireplace or a large window with a beautiful view. However, if your room doesn’t have such a place, you could simply create one, such as a central table or piece of artwork. 


Another effective and affordable way to do that is to organize your focal point is to use a fancy rug and attention drawing rug! With numerous online stores offering a wide range of cheap, modern rugs, selecting such a dynamic piece has never been easier! While doing so, keep in mind that they must complement the room perfectly in size and shape perfectly. For example, if the room is small, a sophisticated round shaped rug may be an ideal visual element. 


Colours Can Create a Desired Appeal


Colours can have a significant influence on the entire appearance of your room. When choosing the perfect palette for your room, never stick to just one hue. On the contrary, you should select around three. The first one is a dominant colour that is used for walls or carpeting. A secondary colour takes up about 30 percent of a room and is usually used for upholstery and furniture. Finally, there is an accent colour, used with accessories to bring vivacity and energy to your place.


Natural Light Brings Vivacity

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Light can invoke a feeling of spaciousness and relaxation. Therefore you should try to bathe your room in as much natural light as possible. For example, add some statement mirrors, choose bright palette and avoid curtains that would light. To continue this warm, bright and light feeling at night or on cold and gloomy days you're going want to ensure the space is well lit. I recommend investing in some warm white LED downlights in order to do this!


Give Your Home a Brand of Your Own 

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When decorating your home, it’s always nice to gain inspiration from famous interior designers. However, if you don’t put your personal stamp, you will never feel fully comfortable. Because of this you should accessorise your interior with pictures, vases, pillows and area rugs that suit your taste and create a sense of homeliness to you

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