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Create a "SPA LIKE" Bathroom - with BAMBOO

Bamboo is one of the "greenest" and most sustainable resources. It can grow more than three feet in a single day, replenish itself with ease, release 35 percent more oxygen than its fellow plants, and thrive without pesticides or fertilisers. The fastest-growing plant in the world shows up in all kinds  of products, including flooring, furniture, and textiles.

 Bathrooms can often have a cold or sterile feel, however by using bamboo in your bathroom you are embracing nature, and bringing warmth to the space. By using bamboo you can turn your bathroom into a serene and relaxing retreat.

Bamboo GrassFlooring - Bamboo flooring offer a variety of options and is available in many colours ranging from dark brown to light tan, and even tinted with blues, greens and warm reds. Among the benefits of bamboo as a flooring material are the following:

  • It’s cheaper than wooden floor boards
  • It’s great for high-traffic areas, due to its natural strength and durability
  • It’s simpler to self-install than wood floorings, saving labour costs
  • It can be stained to resemble most varieties of wood
  • It looks beautiful in its natural state

Bamboo Basins, Cabinets and Vanities  Bamboo is ideal for creating a customised bathroom vanity. Often the visual focal point of a bathroom, your vanity can be beautifully framed in bamboo alongside bamboo cabinetry. Bamboo’s smooth texture looks beautiful when reflecting both artificial and natural light, and can be customised to your bathroom’s colour scheme. You can even use bamboo-accented light fixtures to surround your vanity. A gorgeous bamboo basin in a round, rectangle,  square  or angular shape will bring the beauty of nature into your bathroom and give it a spa-like feel.


 Accent Your Design - Bamboo improves your options to create a cohesive look in your bathroom due to its many uses. Unlike other bathroom surfaces such as ceramic and glass tile, bamboo can be used extensively for other items like artwork and accents. You can find bathroom coordinates such as caddies,  bath mats, toothbrush holders, tissue boxes, lotion dispensers and shelving made of bamboo.  Accessorise  with  bamboo towels,  once available in only a few earthy hues, they can now be found in all kinds of elegant colours.

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