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Basics Points of Electrical Work when Renovating

With all the planning and renovating, plus our frugal attempt to always go DIY in order to save more money, we sometimes forget some electrical must do's in order to assure our renovation projects would be always safe and efficient.

Here are a few basic points to remember on electrical safety and installations when renovating.

Every home or property has a switch board which holds your metering, fuses and switches. Before ripping out everything to prep for renovating, remember to isolate electricity in your property for safety.  Remember, any electrical work has to be performed by a licensed electrician.


Most people install feature lights as part of their renovation because of how they add value and illuminate rooms. When installing ceiling fans be mindful of the distance of the fans from your lights to prevent the blade of the fan to cut through the light. If the fan's too close to the light, it gives your lights a flickering effect which is not at all preferred and even safe.

With the increased consumer education, more and more people are switching to LED Lighting. Commonly mistaken is how to properly convert from a halogen to an LED downlight.

Here's a video on how to properly convert your halogen down lights to an LED downlight

Talking about power points ideally power points should be at least at 300mm of the floor or lower. Light switches are ideally kept in place rather than moved from its original place due to the electrical and labour cost it involves of simply move it.

So whether your renovating your property or renovating for profit, remember to consider these electrical basics to make sure that your renovation is both safe and efficient. Going DIY all the way may prove to save you money initially, but hiring a sparky has proven to save you more in the long run.

There are a lot of wiring and  other electrical factors to consider before installing any device that uses energy and it's always good to use energy efficient fixtures that further save you more in bills in the future.

Bottom line, it's your renovation project so better plan it well and consider these basics to make sure your renovations projects are both stylish, efficient, safe and still be saving you money during and after the renovation phase.

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