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Bright Idea Bathroom Lighting

A good bathroom lighting job can do wonders for any home, especially if you are keen on a quick but stunning bathroom makeover. A bathroom needs overall illumination with adequate vanity light.  By introducing a varied range of lights you can create different effects in the bathroom to suit different moods.

Dim and diffused bath lights work beautifully for a relaxing bath. Powerful mirror lights are perfect for practical chores such as shaving, putting on makeup and brushing teeth. Decorative pendant fixtures will ensure that your bathroom sparkles and dazzles with attention to detail.

Top 5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas

A combination of focal lights, recessed bulbs, up lights, natural light sources like windows and skylights as well as beautiful candles and lamps can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and luxury.

Elegant focal light an recess ligthing Elegant modern chandelier focal light and complementary recessed lighting

Focal Lights - The central lighting fixture in your bathroom. Install a mini chandelier or a fluted focal light in the middle of the ceiling to create a luxurious and soothing look in your bathroom. Investing in a good quality focal light makes a lot of sense in a bathroom as it provides even lighting and illuminates dark corners conveniently.

Elegant pendant and recess lighting Elegant pendant and recess lighting

Recessed Lights – Recessed lights add a touch of elegance and depth to bathrooms. These lights are installed into the ceiling and walls which creates more space and height with their diffused lights. Recessed lights are also look great when they are installed in a series of rows on the ceilings and walls, around the mirrors as well as the bath tub and shower area.

Up Lights – Up lights create a lovely atmosphere in bathrooms as they help in adding more focus to particular areas in the room, such as art work, plants or a water feature.


Bathroom with natural lighting Bathroom with natural lighting

Natural Bathroom Lighting – Apart from using electrical light sources you can maximize on the natural light coming in from your bathroom window and skylights. Using light coloured blinds on your widows or translucent curtains is a smart way to allow sunlight to enter your bathroom, and is  also a very energy efficient form of bathroom lighting.

Luxury bathroom with skylight Luxury bathroom with skylight

Candles and Lamps – Candles and lamps create a delightful ambiance in the bathroom. Hang a glass lamp in a corner or place lots of scented candles around your bath area to create a warm and inviting bathroom lighting scheme.


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