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Bathroom Tiles That Don't Break the Budget

Once upon a time choosing tiles for your new bathroom renovation was a breeze. Tile collections were limited so you had the simple choice of selecting between the supplier’s high-end or low-end range depending on how far your budget could stretch. Forward a couple of decades on and the tile industry has completely transformed. Nowadays walking into a tile showroom can be overwhelming with the myriad of tile choice on offer. If you're working on a budget this experience can be stressful, so follow our guide to choosing tiles that don’t break the budget but will still achieve a beautiful look.

modern luxurious bathroom in house on a beach


Wall tiles

To cut costs consider only tiling walls that are essential. This includes areas such as your shower and vanity splash-backs. Other wall spaces can simply be painted in similar tones to your tiles to convey class and elegance.


By far the most inexpensive wall tiles on the market are the simple white rectangular or subway tiles (depicted above). This style is extremely popular and will give a modern, bright and clean look to your bathroom. Its also creates an appealing, yet simple backdrop to accentuate other standout features and accessories within the space - for example rose gold or black tapware.

If you're looking to add colour to your bathroom opt for coloured subway tiles. There are many colours and formats to choose from, but be aware that prices will vary once you stray from standard white.



Floor tiles

There are many excellent quality floor tiles on offer in appealing styles and colour themes, and all with a budget friendly price point. If you opted for more simple wall tiling, you might decide to splurge on floor tiles to add visual appeal to your room. This could mean adding a tile with colour, pattern or texture. If budget permits, running your floor tile up one wall can create a stunning feature (depicted below).

image3 Bathroom design by Helen McVean Projects

Once you choose your ideal floor tile, be sure to consider how your tiles will be installed. Discuss the layout and cuts with your tiler before work commences to avoid any nasty surprises once complete. To avoid displaying any unattractive cuts and joints in your shower floor area, use a minimalistic shower grate. These Aguzzo grates can be custom made to perfectly fit your shower.

Feature walls

An alternative trick to keep your costs down is to select simple and understated floor and wall tiles, and then use your money saved to install a striking and beautiful wall tile.



The feature wall could be placed above the vanity, or in a small section of the wall in the shower space. If you have a large wall, consider breaking up the look by dividing it with the feature tile (displayed below). Here is your opportunity to have some fun and inject your style and personality into the space while creating the bathroom’s standout feature. Choose from glass mosaics, geometric formats, handmade or patterned tiles.


Kate Fuller is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator with Perini Tiles, a supplier of beautiful tiles and bathroom and kitchen design consultation, based in Melbourne Australia.

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