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What does your bedhead say about you?

Between one third and one half of our lives are spent in bed so why not make it the most relaxing, restful, comfortable and enjoyable place in your home. Who says that your bed has to be a standard 138cm x 188cm double that sits 55cms off the ground with 4 legs and a bed head? Its time to turn your bed into a haven that you not only dream in, but dream about.


Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom. The bedspread will determine your room’s colour scheme and its design will determine your style. So how can you make a bedhead that represents something unique and special?


Some bedheads are made for comfort, others for art. Some will store a lifetime of possessions and others will simply be your wall. So much choice exists in bedhead options yet it is something very rarely thought about and explored.

bed_bedhead_drawn bedhead_bed_bedroom_renovator

Cushioned Bedheads

Cushioned boards are a popular option and can be either free standing or against a wall. They look and feel great however provide little more than comfort unless acting as a storage unit as well. Cushioned bedheads are an easy option to build yourself. You are limitless in your desire for colour and pattern as your options stretch as far as the range of designs.

bed_bedhead_floral bed_bedhead_cushioned

bedhead_cushioned bedhead_cushionedd bedhead_cushioneddd bedhead_cushionedddd bedhead_cushioneddddd

Storage Bedheads

Bedheads providing storage are a great addition to any bedroom, enabling you to ditch the bedside tables and store your lifetime collection of books within easy reach. A fantastic way of saving space is to position your bed a metre or two out from the wall and install a cabinet or shelf that can double as a bedhead as well as wardrobe storage behind.

bed_bedhead_wardrobee bed_bedhead_storage bedhead_bed_bedroom_renovator

Arty Bedheads

Artwork can act as an eccentric bedhead for the creative bedroom dweller. Spray paint designs are popular due to the inexpensive cost and DIY nature of them. Large 3D sculpture type structures look striking however a strong and well-supported wall is needed for your bedhead to be mounted on.

bed_bedhead_art bed_bedhead_arttt bedhead_bed_bedroom_renovator

Antique Bedheads

Other bedhead options include wrought iron designs that can be found at vintage and antique shops and provide a rustic, farmhouse type look.




bedhead_vintage_bed_renovation bedhead_vintagee

Why not get really creative and build a bedhead that represents you. A bedhead from books, picket fence posts, photo frames, wool, a couch, cork or even just the outline of a bed head on your blank wall.

bedhead_paddle bed_bedhead_wool bed_bedhead_wooden bed_bedhead_photos bed_bedhead_map bed_bedhead_kids bed_bedhead_fence bed_bedhead_cork bedhead_bed_bedroom_renovator