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What benefit is an interior designer to me?

Hiring an interior designer may sound like an unnecessarily expensive addition to the cost of your home renovation but it doesn’t have to be this way. Interior designers vary in price, according to their experiences and schemes but there are certainly ways to include the ideas and works of an interior designer without blowing out your budget. Before hiring an interior designer is it important to know what styles you like so that you can co-operate and work together to make your new dream home.

What do they do?

Interior Designers, after years of experience in the business, have a magnificent eye for mixing colour palates with textures, architectural designs and functional floor plans. They are able to look at a design from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. Most people believe that an interior designer spends most of their hours deciding between cushion covers and lampshades however this is often the last thing on their mind when working on your home design project. If possible, include an interior designer from the beginning of your home renovation and include them in the floor plan and design. They can provide input into the placement of doors, windows and structural support beams. An interior designer will work with you to pursue the desired lifestyle and mood that your home needs as well as managing the relationship with tradesman and builders.

Why get one?

Unless you have a profound eye for detail and are clear on exactly what you want and need in your home design, hiring an interior designers will add depth and dimension to your plans. The trained eye of an interior designer can provide an array of design ideas or just help to channel your thoughts into a functional plan. An experienced designer will have attention to detail and devise clever solutions for room layouts.

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How much do they cost?

Depending on your budget, the cost of an interior designer can almost always fit into your budget. Interior designers can be hired for a few hours to simply provide direction and establish thoughts, or for multiple sessions if you really have no clue as to what you are after. Cost will vary from $100 for a one off session to 5 figure numbers if so desired. Make sure you understand from the start how much they are going to charge. Some designers will charge by hour, others by a flat fee and some may charge a percentage of the total cost price. Make sure this is clearly defined from day 1.

Are they right for you?

Unless you have seen multiple homes from the same designer that fit your aesthetic dream perfectly, it is often safe to explore and speak to multiple interior designers before settling with your chosen one. The main aim is to ensure that they understand and can match your style. Most designers have their own certain look and although can stretch this to match your design, you will obtain the best possible outcome if you opt for someone that has a passion and eye that matches yours. Look for parallels between previous designs and what you are after. Ask previous customers if they are happy with their final design as well as the process and relationship that they had with their interior designer. Even if their style matches yours perfectly, it is important that you get along and see eye to eye with the person that is designing your dream home.

What is the first step?

renovation interior modern After you have decided on an interior designer, the first step is to begin collecting samples and cut outs of patterns and designers that have inspired you. It may be hard to articulate the look that you are wanting but by providing photos, your desired design can be easily described. Designers will have their own lavish collection of swatches and cut-outs, photographs and past works but the more input you can provide, the easier it will be. Share your knowledge of exactly what you are after from the very beginning to kick-start the project and avoid clashes of thoughts and ideas further down the track.

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And finally, continue to be open minded, regardless of what ideas are thrown at you. Interior designers quite often have a much better understanding of how ideas will work in a practical manner. Don’t say no straight up without considering all suggestions. Listen to everything and give yourself time for the ideas to soak in. Interior design cannot be rushed. Good luck!

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