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Benefits of Lighting your Attic

Once you have created you attic room, storage space or personal escape, you'll want to make sure that you can find what you have stored or be able to live up there without feeling gloomy as if living in a cave.

Though it might be very tempting to go with your usual work lights, attic lighting shouldn't be limited to lighting that looks and feels like roughing the outdoors.

In as much as we place a permanent, sturdy, and fixed lighting for the rest of the house, our attics -- being our storage haven, bedroom or our place to shake off the days' stress and work -- deserves lighting that is ample and comfortable.


Attics often have electrical cable running through them so an electrician or experienced DIY can easily tap into an existing circuit. Place the light switch near the entry for convenience and use a switch with an warning light that reminds you when the light is on.

Light fixtures or work lights that use incandescent bulbs generate a lot of heat. Leaving these lights turned on when you are not in the attic can be quite dangerous. Alternatively, using LED lighting will not only prove to be energy efficient, but also safer because of the heat sinks that LED lighting has that produces way lesser heat than incandescent bulbs.

Consider attic windows to accommodate natural light during the day. not only does this save electricity, this also prevents build up of moisture and other bacteria that lurks in dark moist places. Remember that natural light gives health benefits to both humans and the home.


Task lighting and ambient lighting are the lighting techniques that should be mostly used in your attics whether your attic is your storage or someone's room. The use of pendant lights for task lighting is a perfect way to light up that working nook with style.

Using warm white lights for a cosy look and cool white lights for a more streamlined look will probably make your attic one of your favorite rooms in the house.

Having ample lighting for when your attic is a storage space not only helps you find your stored treasures with ease but also brightens up the room. This way, you can also turn your attic into a place where you can escape the pressures and stress of work or your chores even just for a little while.

attic storage design

Though attics are probably not the first thing you consider renovating or even spending on for lighting, a well lit attic -- whether as a storage space, another bedroom, or your private escape -- only opens up a lot of space and functionality. It also, believe it or not, creates a premium worth to your home which you might be selling or passing on to a loved one in the future.