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Best Tips for Designing Your Home Office

A creative environment provides an incentive to work, so pull up your sleeves and pay attention to the following ideas to work in a stylish, functional home office.

Best Tips for Designing Your Home Office by

Choose location wisely

Privacy is the key to any proper working atmosphere, so make sure you are well-isolated from the noisiest part of your home. Try to avoid a home office next to the entrance door which everyone goes through when entering or leaving your home. Room separators are a solution when space is limited.

If you work well with noise and distractions, then a home office in the living room might just work. Having an alcove tucked into the kitchen can be great when kids are young and they want to be around their carers when preparing meals.

Ideally, the best home offices are tucked away in the quietest part of the home and have space to host guests/clients.


Let There Be Light

During the summer months, when there is enough daylight, make sure you use its benefits and let the light in through a big window. What is best about windows is that they can serve as an oasis for your eyes – a place your eyes can rest upon for a while and take a break from work. Garden views are ideal to relax.

During the winter months, when the sun sets much earlier, it would be best to use a good desk lamp and overhead downlights to help you keep on burning the midnight oil and This can be useful especially while reading documents and checking important data.

Technology & gadgetsBest Tips for Designing Your Home Office by

Every office needs great gadgets. This means the basics: a computer, phone, answering machine, printer/scanner, and if your office is big enough and you have a need for it – a projector. If you do not plan to keep classified data on a server, the latest trend in all industries is cloud-based computing for businesses. What is meant by cloud computing is that you keep your data on a virtual server which you can access from any device, anywhere on Earth.

Another thing your home office must possess is a safe – where you can keep business-related documents, such as contracts which you must keep in hard copy and other valuables such as passports, money and jewellery. If your house does not have an alarm system, it is high time you installed one. Surveillance cameras, motion detectors and sensors and all important to protect your home.

Functional furniture

Before deciding on office furniture, you need to answer this simple question: Will you receive clients in your office? If the answer is No, then your needs will be satisfied with the basics: office desk, executive chair (do not think you will do with a regular, kitchen chair), and shelves. If the answer is Yes, then you need to think of a couch or an armchair, along with a small tea table upon which you can have a cup of coffee (or tea, for that matter), while discussing business. The couch can also serve as a great place to rest from those tiring documents and business-related data (without leaving the office zone and being tempted to doze off).

Make sure to put functionality above form and make sure that everything is there for a reason without overcrowding the space. If your office is free from clutter, your business will be clean as well.

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