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Better Bathroom Renovation Planning

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Did you know that the bathroom is one of the most relaxing places in your house aside from the bedroom? Out of all the sections in the house, the bathroom is the most used area, thus it is subjected to wear and tear. So, if you have broken tiles, stained walls or have some water damages, trying to fix those damaged or broken areas is not enough because there might be some underlying structural problems. The best advice is to renovate your bathroom to really fix these problems.

bathroom renovation

Sometimes a broken tile or crack in the wall may just be the tip of the ice berg – there may be a major reason why it caused the tiles and walls to crack. Covering it up or fixing the tip of the problem will not solve it.

So how do we solve this issue?

Renovating a bathroom requires thorough planning plus you also have to consider the budget. Whether the owner wants to have a big or small renovation is entirely up to the owner. The renovation budget would depend on the design, the time, money and whatever else you may want to add or subtract from your existing bathroom.

Proper bathroom renovation planning would require you to consider the following steps.

Professional Consultation

If you do not have the knack to create quality designs even on a budget, getting a professional help would be a good idea. Interior designers can work based on your proposed budget and not compromise the quality and functionality of your bathroom.

Preserve Continuity

The best and most important advice for house owners when thinking about renovating the home is to preserve the continuity of the design.

Set Your Budget

When you are planning to renovate your bathroom or any part of the room, it is always wise to set a specific budget in order to help you in setting up what you can and cannot do. The budget should include the cost of removing existing fittings, hiring workers, additional fixtures and accents or decors, paints, tiles and so much more. Another thing you need to add to your budget planning is to include any buffer in case of any emergencies that might arise – say if you broke a new tile, you need to add or replace that, and so on.

Keeping It Simple

Keeping a minimalist design using geometric shapes or curved edges.

minimalist bathroom

Accessories and Decorations

When you are thinking about colors to use in your bathroom, pick colors that you think you can work with for a long time or something that suits you. Neutral colors are always safe and you can  add some items to accentuate your bathroom.


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