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Blue and White Decor .....Ahhhh the Serenity!!

You simply can't go wrong with blue and white decor - it's traditional, crisp, and clean... Blue is considered one of the most universally popular colours associated with, calmness, serenity, loyalty, protection, blue skies and seas. It is also one of the leading trend colour schemes of 2014. Here are some ideas to incorporate a blue and white colour scheme in your home.


Blue and white is a 2014 colour trend, so why not incorporate it into your home.


BLUE AND WHITE TILE A little bit of blue and white tile is okay, but be careful not to over commit yourself as tiles are not an easy thing to remove if you don't like it. If unsure, stick to a light neutral colour such as white, cream, or sand for your tile. Using blue as an accent colour in your kitchen is a delightful fresh and clean look, and can be removed very easily if you tire of it.


PAINTED FLOOR A gorgeous baby blue painted floor really lifts this entire kitchen. Using an accent colour such as yellow or orange makes the room look oh so fresh, clean and inviting. Here we have injected a splash of yellow with a simple jug of freshly cut sunflowers.


KITCHEN DINING This eating space is a great example of how much energy and brightness  blue can bring to a room. From the bright royal blue wall panelling to the blue light fixture, to the painted blue table, this room is all about the the crisp fresh power of blue.


FORMAL DINING For a more formal look, you can't go wrong with navy. This small dining space by Sarah Richardson ties the navy in the dining chairs with the pottery on the shelves, and complements the cream tones throughout beautifully.


MODERN APPROACH A modern punch of colour! Think outside the box when it comes to your upholstered furniture by opting for a bold colour like these stunning blue mid-century modern dining chairs. Avoid having dark surfaces in blue rooms, especially on the floors. Blue is a dominant colour and absorbs the light. A light natural wood or a cream or white surface works best.


BLUE ACCENTS Here we have essentially a neutral room, beautifully adorned with blue and white accents.  Blue looks great with a neutral palette so combine it with cream, beige, bone or sand. 


OCEAN INSPIRED The key colours for an ocean inspired room are white and blue. The white should be a crisp color that accents the space with its openness. The blue should be a shade that is reflective of the ocean or of a crystal clear blue sky. A light tan or natural wood grain is also a good accent colour and perfect for the floor covering. Use all of these colors liberally throughout the space.


BLUE COTTAGE BEDROOM Blue is a calming, serene colour and is great for use in bedrooms. Notice that the quilts on the beds do not match, they only need to be of the same blue colour group to tie the room together.


A DASH OF BLUE Although this vintage-inspired bedroom is predominantly white, the touches of blue throughout keep it from looking stark. 


WARM IT UP depending on the natural light in the room and its aspect, blue can look cold and therefore be unwelcoming. By adding the warm tone of mustard gold, we have created a very cosy and sophisticated looking bedroom.


 A DASH OF YELLOW In this breezy ocean bedroom a dash of yellow has added sunshine and warmth. Yellow is a perfect accent colour for any royal blue or navy and white room.


PAINTED WALLS An easy way to adopt a colour scheme is to simply paint the walls. This can be changed in the future if the pale blue is no longer wanted. The effect of the pale blue and white is serene and breathtaking ant the same time.


WALLPAPERED WASHROOM Last but not least, try using blue and white wallpaper in a small room such as a guest bathroom or small ensuite. The benefit of using wallpaper is the huge variety of decorating options you have. It is also easy to clean and, the patterns on the paper will help hide dirt and smudges. You can even vary the way the wallpaper is placed in the room, here we have wallpaper on half of the walls with a border at the chair-rail length, thus giving the room a timeless look.

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