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Boost the Look of Your Garden with Great 2016 Trends

Is there a better time to start working on the look of your garden and backyard than now? Probably not. Surprisingly enough it's deceptively simple to create an outdoor haven for yourself, family and friends. Therefore we recommend you take a look at these 2016 trends to boost the look of your garden, and hopefully you too can find a style you really admire.


Time for Painting


Your gate and any other structures you might have in your garden deserve a fresh coat of paint! The latest trends for this year involve the use of a single subtle colour throughout your yard. Top picks include whites, creams and pastels. If you're feeling a little bit more adventurous pair your subtle colour with something more striking, e.g. a vibrant blue.


Make Room for Fruits and Veggies


Growing your own food is becoming more and more popular, so why not reserve a spot in your garden for your own veggie patch. Start off by sectioning off a simple plot, and starting off with basic vegetables such as tomatoes or capsicums. The sense of satisfaction you'll achieve is way better than the taste any store bought produce!

If you're facing the problem of a lack of space, try the latest trend of vertical gardening! Designate a wall to grow an array of herbs and species, which will not only be great for cooking, but also is aesthetic and provides pleasant aromas too!


Choose Flowers Carefully

Boost the look of your garden with great 2016 trends by

The time for colourful, unorganised flower beds has long passed. 2016 is all about uniformity and simplicity:

  • Take time to carefully select the kind of plants you want, and where you wish to plant them.
  • A good trick is the neater, the better.
  • Don't try and overload the senses with too many species: 2-3 should be enough.
  • Bigger and bushier plants are reserved for the backyard while smaller and more delicate ones would be perfect for the front yard.


Sustainability All the Way


The crown jewel of 2016 trends is the need for sustainability. Luckily enough this goal is pretty easy to obtain, and wont have you endlessly tending to your garden.

From vegetables to decorative plants, choose plants that can sustain harsh environments, don't require a lot of watering, but can still look ravishing all year round!.


Create an Outdoor Lounge 


Don't forget to arrange a little spot in your garden for your own lounging or hanging out with friends and family. When it comes to outdoor furniture there are so many options to choose from, but always remember to pick a style that suits the rest of the house, but is also comfortable. Vintage and shabby chic iron furniture is very popular this year, as well as wicker furniture with comfortable cushions. And don't forget about appropriate outdoor lighting! LED lights are the perfect solutions for your garden area.


Keep it Groomed


If you're not quite sure where to start, or gardening just isn't your thing, don't be afraid to ask for help from professional garden services such as Maintainme. Trust me, they'll do a good job of giving new life and freshness to your seemingly gloomy garden.

To conclude, gardening is known to relieve stress and a yard full of greenery will make the air around you fresh and clean. So don't wait any longer to jump on the bandwagon of this year’s garden trends, and enjoy the positive vibes of your own home.

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