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Brienz stainless steel sinks - what a steal!

Ever wondered why stainless steel kitchen sinks are the gold standard in most homes? Besides from the fact that they simply look better, a stainless steel sink is stronger, quieter and will retain water temperature better than any other sink material. Hand made and hand polished, Brienz stainless steel sinks provide industrial design and durability that no moulding machine could ever match.


As you may have seen on the Channel 9 series ‘ The Block’, stainless steel kitchen sinks are all the rage for a modern, contemporary or industrial look kitchen. The strength and durability of stainless steel sinks are incomparable to opposing materials. Made from 304 grade stainless steel, these sinks will last forever in the kitchen, laundry or even outside! There are 2 primary compositions of stainless steel in the market, T-409 and T-304. The difference lies with the chrome and nickel contents of each;

T-409 – 11% chrome and 0.5% nickel

T-304 – 18% chrome and 10% nickel

When chrome and nickel are added to steel, they prevent oxidation and rust. Cheaper sinks will be made from T-409 and be not nearly as durable. At the Renovator Store our sinks are made from T-304 enabling long life and durability.


Brienz kitchen sinks are made from 1.2mm thickness stainless steel and are sound padded to ensure that noise is reduced by up to 6 times. The constant washing and clanging of pots and pans can be a real disturbance in domestic homes, especially if the kitchen is adjoined to the TV area, formal lounge or study. With a Brienz kitchen sink, you can be sure that minimal sound will be produced.


As well as sound padding, Brienz kitchen sinks are undercoated with an insulated layer to ensure that your water temperature will remain constant for longer. Unlike many other brands, this extra layer of insulation on a Brienz kitchen sink will reduce your need to constantly top up the water temperature and therefore save you money on water and electricity bills. Under-sink water and condensation will also be prevented therefore decreasing risk of damage to your kitchen cabinetry below.


Apart from being the most practical kitchen sinks on the market, Brienz stainless steel kitchen sinks simply look better. The handmade nature of them enables equal strength throughout the base and all four sides and provides an industrial design that no moulding machine could ever match. Individually welded and electro-polished, Brienz kitchen sinks have a luxurious satin finish that are scratch and stain resistant so will last. The non-porous nature of the metal enables easy cleaning, as do the rounded corners which soften the bold look of a stainless steel sink without losing the industrial style.


So why will a Brienz stainless steel sink suit your lifestyle?

- Modern, contemporary and minimalist

- Wide range of sizes and shapes

- Hand-made to ensure strength and durability

-Sustainable and recyclable

- Easy to clean

- Sound padded and insulated

- Affordable

Don’t delay it any longer! Brienz stainless steel sinks are simply the best. Jump online today at the Renovator Store to find one of thirteen sink designs that will suit your kitchen and lifestyle.

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