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Bring Retro Style Into Your Modern Home

Retro is very popular right now in home decor and the retro touch can be easily incorporated into any modern home. Sound interesting to you? Well here are some practical and handy tips that you can follow to incorporate the modern-retro look into your new home.


Pick an Era:

Although it is possible to mix and match from different era’s, finding the exact era that best suits your personality will help keep your decor cohesive and will ensure that you add just the right personal touch to your home. One of the most popular styles is mid-century, spanning from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. Don’t think that this can not be upstyled to reach that modern look, using furniture from the 70’s and 80’s in Scandinavian or French style also not only adds the right amount of interest, but also keeps in with the retro ideal. The best way to choose an era is to look at and decide what characteristics you like, and from there choose the furniture that fits that appeal.

Choose Your Lighting:

Retro-style lighting is a small accent that makes a big statement! Whether you add floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, pendant lights, or chandeliers, a new fixture can add a ton of character to your room for very little money. If you want to just add a touch of retro decor to a modern home, this is an inexpensive change/addition that can bring a whole new look to your home.


Do It Yourself:

Thanks to craft websites such as Pinterest, there are unlimited ideas for taking old pieces of furniture and making them modern. Find an old, beat-up piece of furniture from your favorite time period and paint, decoupage, wallpaper, or tile it. The options for updating old furniture are endless, limited only by your imagination. This is a great way to make a statement or keep the retro lines of an item while still making it modern.

Kitchen Class:

A kitchen can be a great place to mix modern and retro in your home. Mixing vintage cabinets with modern-retro countertop/bench top materials such as granite can look updated yet classic at the same time. Farmhouse sinks (another vintage element), are hugely popular right now. So many vintage elements mix well with modern, clean kitchens. This is probably the one space where you can go vintage and retro crazy and not have to worry about ‘overdoing it’, a kitchen is the perfect place for this kind of upstyle, so take the time and choose with love and creativity.



If you want to add just a touch a retro to your home, look for accessories that incorporate a little flair without overpowering your modern style. Mirrors, pictures, clocks, lighting, vases, urns, tins, pillows, rugs, throws, even dishes can add a touch of vintage to your home without taking over. These small items can also be an economical way to change up your style. Look at yard sales and thrift stores for great deals.

Wall Treatments:

Wallpaper is making a comeback! Vintage style wallpapers can make great accent walls without overwhelming the space. Find a pattern you love and spend the afternoon redecorating. Bright colors can also make a big retro statement. Burnt orange, lime green, violet, coral, avocado, and other colors can keep it modern while incorporating retro feel.

Retro Bathroom:

Reuse/recycle vintage items for your bathroom. Use old tins to store q-tips and cotton balls, install a vintage medicine cabinet, pick out a vintage subway tile, or find fun patterns for your towels and rugs. This small space can have a big impact!

Don’t Forget Outdoors!:

With summer just around the corner, your outdoor areas could use a little retro love, too! Whether it’s your front porch or a patio, you can add a lot of charm to your home by putting out some furniture. The 1950’s style heavy-gauge steel chairs can be bought new or at yard sales and re-painted to update your look. Mix modern fabrics on the cushions with vintage style frames. Find an old fashioned porch glider and watch the world pass by!

Whether you incorporate a little vintage or a lot, retro pieces can fit in any home. Find pieces you love and cherish them for another 50 years!

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