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Budget Friendly Bathroom Renovations

Redecorating your home or just a part of it can get quite stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are on a strict budget. But what most people don’t realize is you can do wonders with remodeling your house and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Remodeling your bathroom can be a fun and you let your imagination and creativity flow. Here  are just a couple of tricks you can consider when you are next redesigning your bathroom.

bathroom redisgn


When redoing the walls you should probably think out of the box. You really don’t need to repaint everything or replace the tiles completely. Covering the lower part of the walls with easy to install wainscot should do the trick. Also, wall stickers are a good touch, because they are cheap, look wonderful and are very easy to apply. But if you really are thinking about repainting the whole bathroom, try and do it yourself, don’t hire a professional and waste money on something you can do yourself.


If you are thinking of redoing your bathtub it’s important to keep in mind that replacing the whole tub is quite costly. So the best alternative is to just to reface it. Whether you do it alone or with a help of a professional, it will be much less trouble and cost much less than a new tub. If they are made of porcelain or fiberglass, you can refinish it yourself with a simple DIY tutorial. And if you want to save on space, you can always install a shower cabin rather than a bathtub.bathroom

Light Fixtures

Good lighting in a bathroom is a must have. So whether you decide just to update your old lighting fixtures or install brand new ones, keep in mind that good lighting is half of the job. Different lighting can really help transform a room. And the best thing is that fixing up these fixtures doesn’t require much money, especially if you know how to set them up yourself.


When it comes to decorating your bathroom the trick is not to overdo it. Plants are always a good choice when it comes to this. Also a painting is a nice touch if you have a spacey bathroom. Sometimes just repainting the old cabinets and switching the handles will do the job. It’s easy, doesn’t cost much and it looks like you bought a whole new set. You can always arrange your bathroom in some specific look, such as Victorian style or something stylish. A nice chandelier, even if just for decoration, is always a nice choice. Don’t forget that shower curtains count as a decoration as well. You can liven up the room with just this one accessory. The best thing is that there are various designs and prints from which you can choose.


Replacing the flooring can have a huge impact on the whole design of your bathroom space. The best thing when choosing tiles is to go with something fairly simple, nothing extravagant or with many patterns, because it’s quite easy to get lost in all the colors and patterns. Vinyl is always a good choice. Also, when thinking of redoing the flooring, it’s probably best to hire an expert, although it may cost you more money, you will be sure that the job is done correctly. It’s tricky to do it by yourself, because of all the plumbing, but to make sure you can always call Sydney emergency plumbing if anything goes wrong. To be sure you will save on the flooring, think about limiting the amount of tiles.4589192120_663269d9c1_o

With just a couple of tricks up your sleeve and a creative mind you can accomplish anything. Use your imagination and decoration skills, look up some DIY tutorials and get going. Don’t be afraid to experiment, there is a lot that can be done with a strict budget and a little dose of creativity. Create a space that your family and you can enjoy and feel comfortable in. You will realize that you can make your perfect haven with just a small amount of money.






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