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Installing Your Own Pool vs. Hiring Professionals

It's true. You can save a huge chunk of money by installing your own pool instead of hiring professionals. On the surface it seems simple enough: just place it in the ground. No biggie right? In actuality, it's a little bit more complicated and involves permits, specialised equipment and of course expertise. Therefore in many circumstances it can be a lot easier to bring in professionals. Throughout this article we will compare and contrast the benefits and disadvantages of installing your own pool in comparison to hiring professionals to help you understand what'll suit your home best.

Pool at Modern House

Before you start you need to consider many aspects of how you want your pool to be: e.g. size, shape, depth, style etc. The more complicated you wish your design to be, the more likely you'll require professional advice.


What Are the Benefits of Installing Your Own Pool?


The major reason someone will try to install their own pool is because they want to save money. A basic pool installation can cost you thousands so it makes sense for an ambitious DIYer to want to cut costs.

However many of those who choose DIY quickly reconsider once they become aware of what's involved. Firstly they find out the whole process takes a lot of time and effort, but also requires permits and temporary pool fencing.


What Are the Cons of Installing Your Own Pool? 

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Installing a pool involves excavation, plumbing and electrical work. If you're not experienced in these fields but still attempt to give it a shot the smallest mistake could cost you more than what the original job was worth – not to mention the downtime that your project will face.


What Are the Benefits of Hiring Professionals? 

Permits, permits, permits: There are many rules and regulations imposed by councils upon pool installation and construction. Professionals are aware of all of these, and will also apply for all the relevant permits upon your behalf and ensure the workspace always adheres to safety regulations.

Insurance: Any professionals working on your property must be ensured, meaning that you aren't left over with the costs of their mistakes.

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Equipment: Professionals obviously come with the right equipment. This'll save you from having to purchase or hire your own tools.

Expertise: At the end of the day a professional is exactly that – a professional. They know exactly how to do the job right.


Top Tips after the Pool Is Installed:

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Just remember a swimming pool is not only an investment you can use to increase the value of your property, but also something you and the entire family can enjoy. Therefore you shouldn't just cheap out and try to DIY otherwise you're going to need to repair or replace in a few years.


Author bio: This article was written by Madina Azamy from The Temporary Fencing Shop, specialists in all temp fencing products and temporary pool fencing across Australia.