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Can you still have romance during a renovation?

With Valentines Day around the corner, renovating your home may seem like a mundane process that would involve nothing romantic or glamorous.

So, can you still have romance during a renovation?

Here are some potential romantic tips to spice up your renovation as Valentines Day approaches.

Create a picture collage of your dream home

Happy couple with paintbrushesPlanning the renovation together and creating a combined imaginary dream home will help avoid future disagreements.
Set up a Pinterest account or as we did before computers buy a 'pin-board' and pin  renovation ideas, photos or sketches on it.

List all the features that you would like in this dream home and be clear on the amount you are both prepared to spend.  Understand that both of you will have different ideas and you will both need to agree at some stage 'what's in' and 'what's out'. The creation of an imaginary dream home is certainly a way to bring you both together - imagine walk in robes, state of the art kitchen, workshop, fireplace, cinema room, yoga room, pool, spa, sauna, steam room, games room, individual studies and so on.

Work together

Plan togetherHard work, savings and achieving goals together definitely strengthens relationships. Start making decisions about your renovation and choose your contractors.

Research your ideas and discover discounts and savings. The more research you do online will uncover new products and ideas you haven't thought of before. Share together these ideas and the savings you uncover.

As the renovation progresses, remember to take a moment to reflect on what you've achieved together and what you are creating.

Make a game of it

2014-02-04_1343Painting and sanding for hours isn't likely to be fun or  romantic for anyone. But during times that you just really have to do it, make a game of it with your partner to pass the time.

Race to see who can paint their wall first or decide who is the neatest painter. Learn new skills together and share the experiences you have.

Romantic dinners

While your furniture-free, semi-roofless. A non - functioning kitchen and makeshift diner tables might not seem like the most romantic location.

dinner at home

Instead of sulking,  make the most of the chaos and have fun. You now have an excuse to order takeaway, grab a bottle of wine, some tea light candles and spend the night eating picnic style in a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner.

February is often called the month of love. If you think love and romance with your partner never mixes with a renovation project, think again!

Happy Renovating!