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Chalkboard painting tips for Renovators

Chalkboard surfaces on kids rooms, kitchens and even the living room or your fridge has always been a favourite amongst renovators.

Artistic and innovative, it creates the style and functionality that every renovator wants for their renovation projects. With all the multiple uses and ideas and surfaces we can turn into chalkboards, do we really know how to make sure our projects won be a disaster?

Here are some tips to remember when using chalkboard paint in any wall or surface of your house.

clean the surfaceAlways prepare the surface
Make sure you clean the surface completely and repair any protruding nails or other imperfections. Some surfaces may require a primer or additional preparation:
When applying chalkboard paint over plastic, priming is recommended for best results.
Metal surfaces should be cleaned with an Oil & Grease Emulsifier before applying chalkboard paint.
Shiny metal surfaces should be lightly sanded before the chalkboard paint is applied.

Tape Off the Area to Be Painted

chalkboard_your_wallUse painter's tape to mark off a space for your chalkboard. Do not forget to tape wall plates and sockets for walls that have these and covering cabinet handles for cabinets or door levers for doors.

Apply the Chalkboard Paint
Using a brush or roller, apply the chalkboard paint within the taped-off area. For best results, you may use a custom-blended nylon/polyester brush or short-nap roller.

Ensure Lasting Durability
Allow the painted area to cure for 3 days before using it as a chalkboard. Then, prior to initial use, rubbing the entire surface with a piece of white chalk will also ensure a lasting chalkboard surface.

For Erasing

Using a clean, damp cloth or paper towel rather than a chalkboard eraser is better. Some varieties of chalk can leave a residue when erased because of the additives used. Using light-coloured chalk designed for use on chalkboards are good as well.

So there you have it Happy renovating!

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