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Check out these clever staircase designs

More than connecting levels in your home, your staircase can be the architectural centerpiece of your home. From spiral staircases to sleek wood designs, There's an array of clever staircase designs that'll complement your style.

When choosing your staircase design, know that there are quite a few types to start with

Straight Staircase

The common straight flight staircase. Most ideal for staircases that will carrying weight and managing heavy footfalls.

Spiral Staircase

Adding an element of unusualness or elegance to any home or building, a spiral staircase is a staircase constructed around a central axis.

Of the wide range of staircase types, the straight staircase is most often used in residential houses.

Here are some other staircase designs that might work for you:

A clever concealed drawer storage unit hidden in the stairs

imgresThe clear - see through staircase

imgres2A staircase with cupboards for more storage staircase3The floating staircase

staircase4And here's one that's just a little out there!


For more staircase designs, visit our pinterest page which has more ideas.

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